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how about the nutritional value of fruit drink it?  2018-8-11 02:10


fruit is an old friend of the people, but also a good friend. since most fruit, bright color, rich in water, sugar and various organic acids, so great are the largest fruit "temptation of" feeding the hungry is a very good thirst yield, especially after lawton out camping or to a little fruit help in refreshing.

we all know that fruit is rich in nutrients, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, such as a variety of health benefits of phytochemicals, such as ascorbic acid in oranges, grapes proanthocyanidins, bright fruit carotene, plus there will be a lot of fruits rich in dietary fiber and so on, and more and more evidence that eating fruit can help people aging, cardiovascular protection, regulation of the immune system, reduce the risk of tumorigenesis, so scientists recommend people eat 200-400g per day.

but eating fruit will often encounter a lot of trouble, such as stripping (cut) the skin, to the core, although there are a lot of good ingredients in these parts, so as to avoid trouble on the one hand, on the one hand to take full advantage "nutrition", so with the original juice is squeezed. juice is squeezed directly to the skin, flesh, smashed together uniformly using natural constituents of fruits and flavorings children better to retain the role of nutrition, especially in the food to encourage people to be good use pomace for children young women, the elderly are a good choice. since the operation is relatively simple, at home as needed on-site operation, has been respected and promoted with.

however, fruit like a shy girl, so it's afraid of the light, when she was exposed to air, the sun will quickly remove the beautiful containment, overshadowed, like become oxidized after apple bite brown, so juices can not be stored for long periods.

to solve this problem, the food industry to study the process of making juice, in general, fruit juice after pressing juice concentrate made from 100%, in order to ensure the color and prevent oxidation will add some food coloring and anti- oxidant; when made into juice, water and juice concentrate mixed in a certain proportion. after the juice is diluted in taste less "attractive", so some products will add some syrup, flavor, and fruit juice drinks compare "sweet" and "incense."

from a nutritional point of view, juice drinks in some extent to meet the needs of everyone on the juice, but from product development perspective, the sugar content is generally high concern, the general content 10%, if you drink a 500ml, equivalent to the intake of 50g of sugar, almost equal amounts in a small bowl of rice, long-term heavy drinking can increase blood glucose and lipid burden. to balance the taste and health, some products introduced sugar juice, sugar content of 5% or less; second, in order to make juice looks very uniform appearance, in the production process will be removed by filtration and part of flocculent "sediment" thereby missing out part of dietary fiber, so not exactly the same juice squeezed juices and fresh fruit.

it seems, how graduate output and sensory requirements for consumer products and meet the health requirements is a worthy study science. in order to reduce the consumption of additives, domestic enterprises have also developed a number of new fruit and vegetable products, such products using lactic acid fermentation process, so that after being fermented fruits and vegetables well to maintain color, shape and major nutrients.

another type of beverage form and "fruit" detached is "fruit" drinks, although the product will be named as "*** fruit", but in the production process and "fruit" guiltless. such drinks are basically sugar, colors, flavors concocted, production cost is low, almost no nutritional value. suggest that you choose such food as little as possible, unless thirsty temporary solution.

comprehensive, juice juicing process will lose some dietary fiber, and now a lot of juice to drink but also add a lot of sugar better, so, juices and juice drinks are not suitable to drink.

- wang zhu, md, china cdc nutrition food the food and nutrition researcher evaluation room. mainly engaged in food composition analysis, food and health effects evaluation.