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make good use of " three minutes " away from the sub  2018-8-11 00:10


"a short step, no a thousand miles or even" healthy way versa. three minutes, only a moment, very much, the following eight "three minutes" was able achievement healthy lifestyle, so you stay away from sub-health and disease.

[8 "three minutes"]

1, 3 minutes each brushing

brushing teeth to the outside, inside, and other occlusal surface plaque on the teeth are removed. the workload is not small, about more than 80 tooth surfaces need to be cleaned. to often change the position of the toothbrush, and slowly rotated in all tooth surfaces of each tooth, a toothbrush at the same time to 2-3 only brush teeth, so each time you brush three minutes to brush all tooth clean.

2, boiling water and then burn three minutes

water after chlorination, residual chlorine and organic matter in water interactions, a variety of halogenated hydrocarbons, chloroform and other harmful compounds may be formed , a carcinogenic effect. practice has proved that the water boil and then burn three minutes is a good way to these harmful substances at safe range. visible, this initiative is essential in people's daily anti-cancer.

3, boiling water to make tea three minutes

tea should pay attention to the time difference, tea three minutes, the caffeine in tea basically oozed, and this time the tea, refreshing boost . if people want to avoid the tea exciting, as long as the first one bubble tea drained within three minutes, and then brew taste, you can feel at ease repose of.

4, eat hot drink cold interval of 3 minutes

eating hot dishes, soup to eat immediately after drinking cold drinks, a sharp contraction of blood vessels, the blood pressure, can be dizziness , nausea and other symptoms. therefore recommends eating a hot spot mound want a cold drink to quench their thirst, the best interval of 3 minutes to reduce stomach irritation.

5, rest 3 minutes after waking

have high blood pressure, heart disease in the elderly, the cloth should be in bed after waking up eyes closed 3 minutes and then get up. this is due to just wake up in the moment, in the dim state of the brain, blood viscosity, brain hypoxia ischemia, easy to fall, is the most dangerous moment. it is said that the way to get up so little to change, you can reduce the chance of stroke, the world's 300 million fewer deaths per year.

6, motion gap three minutes

regularly participate in sports when people have the experience of movement out of breath, then should a little rest. by movement between a short pause to rest 3 minutes, human muscle to complete enough energy supplement, to prepare for the next campaign use. and a longer rest period will not bring much benefit.

7, squat toilet no more than three minutes

squatting too long, can cause rectal varicose veins, rectal veins long run naturally make time pressure, leading to congestion venous group , induced hemorrhoids. is generally believed that more than three minutes of squatting time, it could lead to the formation of hemorrhoids, but also by the severity of the length of time a decision. avoid side toilet while reading.

8, angry no more than 3 minutes

according to tcm theory, "anger liver damage." trifles angry people, life is short. good mood than anything else, should not be angry over 3 minutes. everything does not matter, do not mind anything, even if gas comes also goes fast, as soon as possible catharsis, trying to maintain emotional stability.