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teach you choose toiletries  2018-8-10 23:10


on the market, a variety of amenities to make people confused. in addition to the old people are obsessed with the soap, the soap, bath gel or bath salts, bubble baths and other new things all at your fingertips. composition and properties of toiletries are different, how to choose their own bath products are also great stress.

bath might make you allergic

bath gel a chemical synthetic detergents, surfactants accounted for 15% -35%, also added some builders, including phosphate , sodium carbonate, perfume, enzyme components, and foam boosters, foam stabilizers, thickeners, integration and the like.

good quality bath foam rich stable, mild, does not irritate the skin and eyes, and there is sufficient cleaning ability, does not dry the skin after bathing, popular with young people. compared with soap, shower gel skimmed weak, but some people will be on some of these additives are allergic.

use the bath should rinse

most of soap and bath are basic, but human skin is acidic in neutral. appropriate to use some of the bath bath products, can remove grease and dander on the skin, people feel cool and comfortable. however, when you remove dirt toiletries also took away the normal sebum, the skin dry and tight, and even itchy. role in their own skin and acid-base, a small amount of alkaline toiletries will not cause harm to the human body, after a brief shower discomfort can disappear after a while. but if bathing more frequently, or long-term use too alkaline toiletries, will damage the skin cuticle, accelerate the evaporation of water inside cells, in addition to dry skin, itching, but also a serious hair follicle hyperkeratosis. therefore, if the skin is not too much oil, it is best to choose a neutral bath and soap, toiletries too alkaline to stimulate the skin, can cause allergic dermatitis. use, should be minimized and bath soaps residence time in the body, as soon as the foam rinse.

in addition, the best selection of toiletries, fragrances or pigments containing less product, to avoid long-term by perfume or dye skin irritation occurs extremely sensitive to ultraviolet light. soap unsaturated fatty acid is easily oxidized, rancid, should not be stored for too long.

should not use soap


soap can be said that the chinese people the most traditional bath products. it is based on animal fat as raw material, some of the higher fatty acid salts through chemical reaction, the main ingredient is sodium stearate. also added some soap water softener, such as sodium phosphate, sodium carbonate and sodium silicate, etc., so alkaline soap is too large, basic to the skin, mucous membranes and so have some irritation, such as soapy water after splashing into the eyes, cause eye pain, photophobia, and tearing. thus, more suitable for laundry soap, bath sparingly.

and particularly bad, the soap can irritate the urethra, the vaginal mucosa and cause burning. so do not for her daughter to wash lower body with soap, bath gel and so, even though women of all ages should not be used. under normal circumstances, with clean water to wash it, if not, you should seek medical treatment, follow the doctor's instructions.