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10 tips to increase the charm of the first date  2018-8-10 22:10


what should a first date? for a first date, it will always be full of tension. in the first meeting wanted to impress him, to pave the way for future development, the following ten dating tips you should definitely look at. one

rules: my friends everywhere

our problem: you usually get to know the circumstances under which a woman?

57% friends, 31 percent in the bar or party, 12% of the work.

they say: i love met through friends of the opposite sex, i think this is very safe. 27 years old, work in the securities sector, said david. but if you're tired of a friend of this old-fashioned way, do not forget the bar or party is also a good place to go. david said: i am interested in meeting people in other places have no opinion.

rule two: your appreciation for his everlasting love

our question: what if the woman said most appealing to you?

51% of your eyes are very pretty, 33 percent how i ask you to drink a cup like? 16% are not where we met?

they said: sincere compliments to increase my self-confidence, so i am very relaxed. 26-year-old lawyer han jin said. women to men were praising her character's behavior suggests that cute, funny, can be close.

three rules: subtle hint of sexy effect extraordinary

our question: which date you most satisfying part of today?

59% women more sexy than before, 27% compared with the past, men can open more hearts to women, 14% compared with the past, women have become more responsibility on the issue of money.

they say: once a woman showing her sexy side of, everything becomes great. 26-year-old law student cheng tao said. 28-year-old realtor pete added: i like to have the confidence of a woman revealing her femininity, inadvertently fiddle with her hair or change legs pose little trick fascinated me.

four rules: food + film is the first choice

our question: first date you choose what programs?

72% for dinner, then watch movies, 27 percent hike or exercise, 1% listen to poetry readings.

they say: have dinner together, watching movies is the best choice. 25-year-old engineer granville said. if you eat a good feeling, no embarrassing silence, dark movie theater is a good place to promote feelings. if you feel bad meal, movie theater so that everyone can relax. but if out hiking or sports, no law bailing escape.

five rules: arouse his interest

our question: what is the best first date is help?

71% very pleasant conversation, laughter, no awkward silences, 18% sexy body, 11% of her clothes and makeup that she had carefully prepared for dating.

they say: every man dreams of finding a woman to talk to, so it is crucial to talk is fun. 22-year-old musician said paul. if the other party can raise some interesting questions about some little joke, so i have been kept saying, stop laughing, i will be very satisfied. six

rules: do not do xianglinsao

our question: first date what you hate the most?

55% constantly talk about herself and her problems, she kept asking me 26 percent of family income, girlfriend and other issues in the past, 19% of her drunk.

they say: i hate dating for the first time will become complained. 28-year-old editor jennings said. before talking about a heavy topic, i would prefer to look at the basic situation of her - her job, her outlook on life, and so on. do not be too curious to him. stop questions made me feel at trial. 32-year-old designer tengqi said. the real conversation is the best.

rule seven: let him pay

our question: first date is your card?

79% yes, 21% yes, unless she asked each to pay their own, 0% no, i want her to pay for its portion of the money.

they say: a woman is willing to pay well, but i hope i can be like a traditional men do pay, let her know that i not only saw her as a partner, but also something more special. 26-year-old photographer gerry explained. why should chivalry disappear it? although society is constantly evolving, men still want to maintain the traditional image, to be a protector.

rule eight: inform him that you are ready

our question: if tonight appointment before you have the chance to change one thing, you want it to be ......

78% loss, i never know if she wants me to take further action, 16% of the pressure, i was worried whether we tune, 6% too expensive, men always pay the bill.

they say: i hope the girl can imply what the most appropriate time to act. 24-year-old phillips said. men want to imply that you make, including stroking his arm while talking, eye contact when to smile. if a woman at the end of a date for me with a sweet smile, i think she has signaled to me: i would like to have further contacts. feng qing said.

rule nine: preconceived

our question: how about the woman to take the initiative?

68% of our fight, 30 percent good ah, just do not let me think she was too domineering, 2% i still prefer men take the initiative.

they say: since i am a woman sexy signal no idea, she took the initiative would be a great help. a 22-year-old accountant xue concedes. how do you stop when you get rid of high heels he felt forced him? enough to give me a signal that she is not only to chat.

tenth rule: build their own sex step

our question: if women want and you are really in love, you should be more long preparation period?

58% what's the matter? if we really are in tune, had close contact with the first date does not diminish my respect for her, i think three times dating 21% better, 21% more than six times dating.

they say: if we are able to talk, i do not want funi her views. 28-year-old swiss banker wen said. few people think a good girl at least three times before and after dating affectionate man. if she wanted to go on a first date hotel, i would be scared. 23-year-old musician peng yingjie said.