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ultra- efficient three-step weight loss program  2018-8-10 21:10


the first step: to lose weight during the day and eat konjac

konjac rich in dietary fiber, dietary fiber to absorb moisture expansion in the stomach, the volume increase and enhance satiety. it is the ideal food obese, so an effective way to lose weight is to eat konjac. but also pay attention to eating raw amorphophallus konjac toxic, more than three hours must be boiling before consumption; indigestion people should not eat too much every time; people have skin deprivation; konjac is a cold thing, there should be fewer cold symptoms of typhoid fever consumption.

the second step: pay attention to diet and exercise before going to bed to help lose weight

easy to do simple exercises before going to bed so you can sleep deep sleep, and in sleep make calorie consumption maximum. sleep state, the body will consume 30% of the basal metabolism, the average male is 600 calories, about 400 calories female. and sports, compared can be quite large energy consumption.

before going to bed to do a little stretching exercises properly, can increase calorie consumption. but if you do make the heartbeat accelerated intense exercise, but hinder sleep, sleep can also affect metabolism and hormone secretion smoothness, and therefore should be low-intensity exercise for 15 minutes or so of the main, before going to bed can help eliminate a diet fatigue all day, people enter sleep state, but also allows the next day to maintain good mental state.


body fat decomposition is not in motion, but decompose during sleep, so the more people sleep, the more available a good weight loss, try to enter the sleep state by bedtime diet, not only can prevent heart disease, but also allows the brain to function more efficiently.

central focus:

1. milk better than sleeping pills efficient milk contains tryptophan which can calm the brain, induce sleep, drink a glass of warm milk at bedtime, there will be a good results. in addition, and bananas contain tryptophan, potatoes and other food to eat, you can induce sleep promoting substances, will facilitate access to the sleeping state, but do not excessive intake, but harmful.

2. insomnia insomnia is the enemy of weight loss usually comes from the pressure, so there was no warning of insomnia easy for physically and mentally very tired, but also people from early in the morning there is no effort to ruin a day's work, before going to bed do some exercise, so that pressure can be decreased.

3. understand the importance of breathing, although breathing is an important element to lose weight, but in fact it is difficult to give special attention to, before going to bed movement must be in a relaxed state, and therefore breathing is very important as, in order to enable the body to have a stable response, we must breathe slowly.

4. appropriate use of the bath, half-bath and foot in order to allow to enter the sleep state while sleeping, blood circulation must be smooth, and bath, half bath and foot to make the damaged body balanced rhythm back, people can enter deep sleep at bedtime, can not exercise before going to bed, then the alternative is required.

step 3: 2-3 days per week doing moderate exercise

said to lose weight, eating alone is not enough, you must exercise the muscles through exercise, so that muscle mass back to normal after metabolism increase, fat can naturally be reduced, so the energy intake and consumption from two aspects together control, weight loss to be successful.

do not be too intense exercise to lose weight, not the strength of the bigger the better, do better, moderate on the line, try not to feel very hard done after. in particular, do not like sports itself, people are not good at sports, but also to select a start relatively easy, such as walking, stretching movements, simple yoga and so on. 2-3 days a week to draw, learning by doing to keep breathing, this is sufficient.

adhere to exercise, not only health care, but also play a slimming effect is good. if you also want to lose weight, then we would join the ranks of the movement, insisted on using movement to thin, so we can let you easily have a good figure, but also do not worry about weight loss rebound problem, you can try sports law.