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10 minutes is not easy old morning " to stay in bed ."  2018-7-12 06:10


"your day with a morning" healthy life should begin early in the morning, after getting up every action, every detail that could affect health. especially women, with particular emphasis on early morning regimen. the following morning editor told you to do 10, "one minute" better health.

woke up this morning not immediately get up. this is because sleep just to wake up the body from the suppression state to the excited state, but this change also requires a process of adaptation. if you sit up and get out of bed immediately erect, is very dangerous because the brain's blood streaming down suddenly and cause a temporary ischemia and hypoxia, prone to dizziness, vertigo and discomfort, cardio-cerebral vascular accident also prone.

so, in the morning after waking up, you can close your eyes, and then doing the "one minute" exercises in bed, which is the prevention of cardiovascular disease and enhance organ function has benefits.

1, finger comb the hair one minute

followed by combing with fingers of both hands from the forehead to the back of the head, the head can not only enhance blood circulation, increase blood flow to the brain, prevent brain vascular diseases, nutrition hair roots can also make hair black and shiny.

2, gently massage the helix one minute

with both hands gently around the helix refers to heat up. ear covered with acupuncture, this can clear the meridians, especially for tinnitus, dizziness, forgetfulness embolism effective prevention and treatment of.

3, move my eyes one minute

clockwise and counterclockwise operation of the eye, can exercise the muscle function, refreshing eye-catching.

4, the thumb rubbing the nose one minute

thumb up and down gently with both hands, nose, nasal congestion may prevent runny nose caused by cold morning, and can prevent colds.

5, knocking teeth retroflex one minute

tap root teeth can promote blood circulation, play jianchi effect. increase the volume of the tongue tongue sensitivity.

6, flexion limbs one minute

just woke up, the body's blood flow is slow, by flexion movement, the blood quickly back to the body, but also enhance the size of the joint limbs flexibility.

7, light mount navel one minute

alternately with both hands palm mount navel light, refreshing effect of qi. navel and down god que, guan yuan, air sea, pubic region, abdominal and other points, especially shenque prevention and treatment of stroke.

8, abdomen levator ani one minute

repeated contraction of the anus to mention, can enhance anal sphincter contraction, promote blood circulation, prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

9, tread friction soles one minute

sit to the root of alternating tread friction soles of the feet, soles of the feet are warm so. soles of the feet yongquan, known as the "second heart." after kicking friction soles of the feet can promote blood circulation, live meridian, spleen and stomach and other effects.

10, turn around one minute

gently turn over in bed, activities, large joints of the spine and lower back muscles, promote limb stretch.