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lemon in the cooking of the seven kinds of magical  2018-7-12 04:10


in addition to flood damage, buy a home, use lemon as well as what? united states' daily health network "the latest papers, published" magical lemon in the cooking. "

prevent food discoloration. acidic lemon juice to prevent browning foods due to oxidation. squeeze lemon juice to make a fruit platter, you can prevent avocado (avocado), apples, bananas and other fruits black. add slices of lemon squeezed juice when not only protect vitamin c is not lost, but also to let the juice to keep the beautiful color.

prevent rice too sticky. steamed rice, add a few drops of lemon juice in a rice cooker, so steamed rice soft and not sticky. in addition, lemon juice also make rice color look better.

prevent caking hardened brown sugar. a small piece of brown sugar to the net in the flesh of lemon peel, brown sugar can prevent caking hard, holding soft.

let taste more crisp lettuce. once the water lettuce is easy to become soft, a little lemon juice and water lettuce can make "back to life." after the lettuce leaves soak for a while in lemonade, placed in the refrigerator for 1 hour and its taste is more brittle.

prevent boiled egg broken shell. before egg wok, the first brush with lemon juice eggshell. this not only prevents the egg broken shell, but also to make it easier for cooked eggs, peeled.

let the meat more tender. lemon juice is an excellent "meat tenderizer artifact." lemon acids help break down the meat fibers to make steak and pork meat taste more tender.

enhance the taste of food. lemon cream make foods taste better, can balance the seafood flavor, or can replace the salt seasoning.