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family office to be constantly vigilant three kinds of damage  2018-7-12 03:10


a recent survey of the health of white-collar workers in hangzhou survey, cervical spondylosis, stomach discomfort, visual fatigue has become a three hurt family office, where the risk of cervical disease and stomach proportion of people reached 28.7% and 20.6 %. family office should be how to deal with these three injuries?

neck "at the computer for a long time job, sit for hours, tired, nap lying on the desk, commuting by car, which is the norm in many family office." beijing university third hospital orthopedic director 刘忠军 that tilted excessively long neck, spine, muscles, ligaments, always in a state of traction, the neck muscles are prone to sore, swollen, numb or pain.

liu zhongjun recommends office workers often change posture, stand up and do some chest and back movements, relax the neck muscles and ligaments. liuzhong jun said that swimming is a more favorable cervical health movement, usually can often recommend swimming, if conditions do not have to swim, you can lie in bed at home and thought "little yan fei."

huwei point not eat breakfast roadside payable, at noon for lunch, a typical family diet portrayal office. beijing university of chinese medicine oriental hospital gastroenterology stressed hu liming, deputy director of the physician, the stomach is a normal circadian rhythm, long-term diet and unclean, will disrupt the circadian rhythm of the stomach, bloating, belching, diarrhea, and may lead to chronic gastritis . "some man in a hurry, after dinner to work immediately, which can cause inadequate blood supply to the stomach, affecting the spleen and stomach digestive function." 胡立明 said.

no matter how busy, must guarantee three meals a day the law, when the dinner to eat. diet should be concise, diversification, best eat high oil high salt snack.

eye dry eye, video terminal syndrome is the most common eye disease family office. traditional chinese academy of ophthalmology hospital chief physician, said xie legislative branch, office family for a long time at the computer, make eye muscle have been tense and not rest, photophobia, tearing, eye soreness and discomfort.

legislative branch xie suggested that the work space may wish to paint "ten" word: the body upright, extending the index finger in the face in front of the middle, so that the eyes follow finger to move slowly to the left, then back positive center, then turn right, up, move down. "every time i do it 5 to 10 times, do 3 to 5 times a day, can promote the movement of the eye muscles and ciliary body, relieve eye fatigue."