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vaginitis may affect fetal development  2018-7-12 01:10


vaginitis for women should not so familiar with it, vaginitis most common symptom is genital itching to spoof, vaginitis female friends injury is very large, for example, lead to female infertility, then down for everyone to make a detailed introduction.

vaginitis four common hazards

1, leading to female infertility

this is a lot of female friends who are more afraid of, after the emergence of infertility patients will bring great distress, vagina under normal circumstances, is suitable for the survival of sperm, but after suffering from vaginitis, vaginal environment is destroyed, ph value of more than 4.5 ph changes in the vaginal environment will make sperm motility was inhibited.

in addition, pathogens can swallow sperm, and when suffering from disease, vaginal secretions of a significant increase in bacterial vaginosis, secretions contain a large number of white blood cells, which could adversely affect the survival of sperm, so reduced sperm count, leading to female infertility in women. this is a common vaginitis harm.

2, and affect fetal development

vaginitis for fetal development has many adverse effects, and for families, a healthy baby is their pursuit, and if the fetus the development is limited, then the parents and other family members is a painful thing. so pay special attention to the hazards of vaginitis.

3, affecting the quality of life

surely this deep feeling a lot of female patients, because had vaginal itching in women's private parts is a normal thing, but often want to catch and other acts will still be a lot of embarrassment, but also greatly affected the mood, bring a lot of inconvenience to the life, work, in addition, sex between husband and wife will be greatly affected.

4, induce other diseases

vaginitis itself not only affect women's health, but also induced genital infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, perirenal inflammation, sexual pain disorders, to women's reproductive health adversely affected. this is also one of the common hazards vaginitis.

read the above description, we should know the dangers of vaginitis is quite large, so when a female friend who, when symptoms of vaginitis, must be timely treatment, to choose the most best of treatment time, life also requires some careful daily care.