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autumn dry eyes ? can not mess with eye drops  2018-7-11 23:10


autumn lot of people will feel dry eyes, especially long-term use of computers working people, so many people are choosing drops eye drops, eye drops, but nor is it to be able to drop droplets. we drops with eye drops should also pay attention to several principles.

the first time you use eye drops, if a foreign body sensation, may be dry cornea, the surface of the wound. but after a week of continuous use if there are foreign body sensation, you should consider replacing the types and brands of eye drops.

common eye drops solution, oil solution and gel. in mild dry eye should use water, solvent or oil solvent, and no preservatives eye drops, 3-4 times a day, before going to bed can also be used in conjunction lubricating eye ointment; severe dry eye patients can use gel drops .

frequency of use within a day preferably not more than 6 times. and once dry eyes disappearing should disable, not long-term use.

the more abuse of eye drops or eye drops make more dry

to "depend" eye drops, experts said, must be a clear understanding of their own in the cause of dry eye premise, prudent use of eye drops, because the cause of dry eyes are a variety of circumstances, not by the eye to "pay" can be solved, and even some eye drops can cause eye, "the more the more drip dry."

experts, the current situation of the existence of abuse of eye drops, many people will think that the use of eye drops dry eyes, especially health-care anti-fatigue eye drops. "the market drops containing preservatives and no preservatives into two kinds. the vast majority of eye drops contain preservatives, including health category is the so-called anti-fatigue eye drops also contain a preservative. long containing preservative ophthalmic agents may damage the tear film will not only lead to dry eye syndrome, also cause keratitis and other eye diseases, resulting in the drop of the dry eye. "

39 health net editor reminder, if required use of eye drops, it is recommended to consult a doctor, choose the right eye drops. in addition, you can also use artificial tear eye drops, eye drops generally do not contain preservatives or contain only a small amount of preservative can be used to give the right amount of eye "water." if the eye dry eye astringent not occasional, but sustained long-term appear, it is recommended as soon as possible to the hospital for examination and treatment. 39 health network ( feature articles, please indicate the source.