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hypertension in children regularly measured blood pressure is easy to overlook the key  2018-7-11 21:10


hypertension patent is no longer just for the elderly, in fact, the child may be at risk for hypertension. especially with the taiwanese westernized diet, high salt foods high oil flooded, more and more children have obesity problems, so the ratio of hypertension in children is also increasing year by year. however, most children are asymptomatic hypertension, often because the school screening, or to the hospital blood pressure when hypertension was surprised to find there are problems, it is easy to be overlooked.

taiwan national taiwan university hospital, children's cardiology chief physician, professor of pediatrics at the main subjects wang said most people only pay attention to the prevention and treatment of hypertension in adults, many do not know the incidence of hypertension, is the children began brewing ages . hypertension in children most are secondary to hypertension, vascular abnormalities including itself harden, or bad or aortic stenosis development, in addition, because obese children may also cause high blood pressure, as well as including kidney disease, autoimmune diseases such as erythema lupus, have high cholesterol problems, as well as family history, but also often have symptoms of high blood pressure.

lowering blood pressure in children after surgery is not necessary to start taking the medication down

child if it is because hypertension arterial stenosis, surgery is necessary to deal with narrow issues, otherwise the blood can not pass, blood pressure on easy to soar up. however, if blood pressure is still not under control, showing fixed narrow blood vessels become fragile, has irreversible hardening is required to start using antihypertensive medication, medication may be forever, but there is no child-specific drugs, mostly use adult blood pressure lowering drugs.

because children's medication compliance is not high, coupled with the concept of parents do not know, do not want to let the children take medicine, especially pharmaceutical care compound may be burdensome, so often self-withdrawal, once rashly interrupted drug treatment may cause side effects. whether hypertension, or diseases caused by hypertension renewal, you want to achieve good control of blood pressure effect, the most effective way is under the direction of a physician, the timely and regular medication. children are mostly secondary to hypertension, but also can be treated.

ferret correct hypertension in children 3 years old on a regular basis to measure blood pressure

how to properly uncovered hypertension in children? wang main branch, md, knows the importance of blood pressure in adults, but children's blood pressure was likely to be ignored, and blood pressure is not easy to help children, children love to run and jump, unable to calm down relatively good blood pressure, is also troubled one. domestic and foreign scholars have suggested that since 3 years old, blood pressure measurements should be included in routine physical examination project.

diet control hypertension in children 6 points

children hypertension through diet can achieve effective control, prevention methods include:

1. avoid obesity.

2. early diagnosis of any abnormal fat metabolism and use food or medication.

3. early diagnosis and treatment of hypertension.

4. rules energy consumption movement.

5. avoid tobacco smoke and test method to quit smoking.

6. do not use salt on the table.

physician small caution:

recommend parents, do not ignore the blood pressure of children 3 years of age, shall be measured at least once a year, once discovered high blood pressure, it should be re-close measurement, pay attention to changes in blood pressure. if sustained high blood pressure, you need to ask the doctor to do first medical examination, do x-ray photography, ecg when necessary, and even cardiac catheterization and cardiovascular ultrasound examination. only early diagnosis and early prevention, prevention and treatment of hypertension is fundamental.