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baby hair shaved head makes it better  2018-6-14 01:10


xinxin mom: xinxin four and a half months, in the yard, his hair grows pretty fast, and very dark. but since listening to her mother's advice after shaving lanugo hair will grow very slowly, and the color yellow, but also the old hair loss. not to say that the baby's hair shaved more right after the president, how my hair instead xinxin yellow out? the baby will not be a lack of trace elements in the body caused by what?

baby slight hair loss is a normal phenomenon

after the baby shaved lanugo hair yellow, slow growth, and even hair loss, has no direct relationship with the shaving lanugo. now the children of this phenomenon is because the child was born living environment has changed, and the changes in physiological hair growth temporarily, until the child is about 1 year old, the hair will gradually grow, children 2 years old will grow bushy hair.

4-month-old baby hair loss, bald pillow may be, is a normal phenomenon, as the children grew up, this phenomenon will disappear naturally, do not worry too much. related reading: baby pillow bald necessarily calcium deficiency it?

shaved not make hair grow better

degree densely

baby hair growth range, the degree of color and curly mainly genetic factors, but in our country folk legend said: give children shaved hair, cut eyebrow, can make a child's hair, eyebrows become black, thick, in fact, this argument is unfounded. because the hair, eyebrows are already diagonalized no vitality of epithelial cells, shaved and not shaved the hair growth does not have any role.

on the contrary, because the child's scalp delicate process in shaved very easy to damage the child's scalp, causing folliculitis, skin infections, so from a medical point of view, not in favor of the children shaved head. give your baby the best haircut use "cut" approach, rather than the "shave" this will not only prevent injury when the baby's skin haircut. related reading: baby summer shaved head and not more cool

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