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women dysmenorrhea prevention and treatment should first discern the constitution again  2018-6-14 00:10


menstruation or row, cyclical abdominal pain and other symptoms, severe cases can be vomiting, pale, cold limbs embolism, affecting work and life, it is called "dysmenorrhea." dysmenorrhea plagued countless women, according to a survey results show there is more than one percent of the female friend was suffering from such a severe contraction of the uterus forms of suffering illnesses, many women often take pain medication taken to relieve pain suppression or teeth renxia qu, in fact, normal life often prepare some diet to restore or, dysmenorrhea massage also has a good effect, and no side effects, easy. now, let hospital of gynecology professor lu shan, guangdong province, to present to women dysmenorrhea health recuperation methods for prevention and treatment of dysmenorrhea female self-care in life.

prevention dysmenorrhea before women first have to understand their physical

"dysmenorrhea is generally divided into two types, one is the primary dysmenorrhea, from the first time mean that women start menstruating with the situation on dysmenorrhea, we usually call functional dysmenorrhea, there is a secondary dysmenorrhea, which can often be caused by a pelvic organic disease, is simply due to the disease, like everyone known as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, which can cause the menstrual period occurs in the case of women with dysmenorrhea. "guangdong provincial hospital of gynecology lu shan, deputy chief physician said.

"but no matter what the cause of dysmenorrhea is to want to restore first female first understand what kind of constitution they belong to the chinese point of view, we are divided into five categories: blood stasis type , hanning blood type, heat accumulation type, qi and blood type, liver and kidney insufficiency, five different forms needed to restore are not the same, how to discern what patterns do they belong to? available from the following conditions judge "

qi stagnation type: pain often accompanied by bloating, defecation flow, or emotional stress when the symptoms are more obvious, may be accompanied by premenstrual breast tenderness, or blood circulation poor complexion dark dust, dry skin, menstruation will clot.

hanning blood type: usually like to drink cold drinks, cold limbs easily, can relieve pain when hot, blowing cold wind increased dysmenorrhea. the menstrual flow will be relatively small.

qi type: fatigue, may be associated with anemia, his face yellow or white, relatively bloodless. speak weakly, relatively quietly. pain when the pain is endless, easy dizziness or mild headache.

liver and kidney insufficiency: symptoms similar to weak blood type, there is often waist menstruation acid, or usually have backache, to menstruation backache worse. chinese say 'liver and kidney origin, liver blood, kidney essence, kidney is the birth of this. "