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hollywood actress cirrhosis alert women to the end of the year and to control alcohol  2018-6-13 23:10


starred in "modern family" hollywood actress elizabeth - pena (elizabeth pena), passed away in beverly hills cedars sinai medical center.

elizabeth - pena was only 55 years old, the aspect of hollywood for nearly 40 years, is one of many popular tv series and movies familiar faces, who starred in "modern family," "dragon battle," "rush hour "and other popular video works, and won numerous awards. most recently, she was filming the popular abc series "modern family," the new season, the sudden death so that the crew and the audience stunned.

hollywood actress elizabeth - pena stills (source foreign websites)

according to "the daily beast" website reported that elizabeth - pena's family revealed that cause of death is results cirrhosis caused by alcohol abuse acute gastrointestinal bleeding, cardiopulmonary arrest and cardiogenic shock. although the female alcoholism is considered a disgrace to the united states thing, but drinking it in american women in the wind or the growing prevalence of female deaths caused by alcohol and severe cases of the disease are growing.

depressing fact: between 2002-2012, rising number of women in the united states died of cirrhosis of the liver by 13% over the same period male cirrhosis mortality growth rate is 7 percent; in 1999-2008 years, the number of women increased by 52% severe alcohol poisoning; from 1992 to 2007, was ordered to stop drinking middle-aged women almost tripled.

alcohol tolerance poor women more fatal

women than men to be poor tolerance of alcohol, alcohol would be easier to be a burden on the liver. because there is more fat and less water in the female body, while the proportion of fat and water determines the dilution of alcohol, drink the same amount of drink, women than men have a higher blood alcohol concentration, so that they more easy to get drunk.

in addition, women still lack something called gastric alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme, its role is to help break down alcohol in the blood, which is caused by drinking an important factor in the consequences of the difference between men and women. therefore, women are more likely to result in alcohol liver disease, heart disease, and alcohol dependence.

women because of fatal alcohol dependence is twice as many men, women alcoholics death four times the population is non-addictive. in addition, alcohol also increases the risk of breast cancer so that women suffer, the more alcohol consumed the greater the risk.

women should actively respond to the treatment of alcohol dependence

although pena tragedy is already too late, but i hope that similar sad thing not to happen again, alcohol addiction women should actively seek help, many professional therapists and doctors, can help you combat alcohol use disorders.

also, you may not know, alcoholism also make women more prone to depression and anxiety disorders, the risk is twice that of men, drunk women are also more likely to suffer sexual abuse and bulimia psychologists believe that women nurture cognitive behavioral therapy and self-confidence training, for changing the female drinking problem has a vital role.

because many women drinking reasons, tend to come from the life and work and relationships setback, when women learn self-confidence, they will feel happier and more powerful, so drinking problem will start to disappear.

elizabeth - pena is a favorite actor by, the occurrence of such an accident can not help but feel regret and female care of their own health, be sure to stay away from alcohol and tobacco, adhere to good lifestyle and diet.

in particular, the end of the year and to a variety of year-end parties, year-end wrap-up after another, many women can not help but increase social activities, drinking may be an indispensable part of the hope that women in the busy entertainment, but also do not forget stick to a healthy bottom line.

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