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fake plastic surgeon or more plastic surgery korean tourist paradise ?  2018-6-13 22:10


according to singapore's "lianhe zaobao" reported on november 3, south korean agency released data show that south korea's cosmetic industry revenue reached $ 5 billion per year (about 30.561 billion yuan), accounting for a quarter of global cosmetic market. but in the past year, there were many unidentified south korean plastic surgeon, resulting in many surgical failure, the korean the "beauty industry" cast a shadow.

south korean cosmetic doctors believe that security concerns triggered by the failure of cosmetic surgery may make korea lost "cosmetic tourist haven" status, and thus lose a lot of chinese customers.

last december, a high school student in korea aborted due to plastic surgery of eyes, noses and fell into a coma, national attention. korea society of plastic surgeons launched an investigation into the incident found that the hospitals hire "ghost doctors", ie general surgeon to do plastic surgery. the case was later handed over to prosecutors. it is understood that the case is currently still under investigation, so far no one has been prosecuted.

president of the korea society of plastic surgeons car still mian worry, these "ghost doctors" would tarnish the reputation of korean cosmetic industry, and therefore called on the government to cosmetic surgery industry and related advertising industry to implement more stringent regulation. car still mian said: "we must restore our reputation." he told reporters that chinese tourists now because south korea's top cosmetic surgery come here, but if the south korean government unregulated, so that these "ghost doctors" flooding the market, the country will eventually lose a large number of chinese cosmetic travelers.

critics say lax regulation, over-hyped and over-emphasis on appearance in korean society, korean cosmetic industry are leading to the gradual decline of reasons.

south korean government released statistics show that south korea has more than 4000 plastic surgery; total population of 49 million, there are 13 people for every 1,000 people received plastic surgery, representing the world's highest. statistics show that south korea's booming tourism industry but also stimulate the country's cosmetic market, in 2011-2013, china visitors to south korea plastic surgery has increased threefold.

with over 20 years experience in the car still shaping mian said: "excessive publicity prompted people to cosmetic surgery as a commodity it is now believed that plastic surgery just buy stuff like that.." but the car still mian warning: "plastic surgery is a surgical procedure that is likely to pose a threat to life."