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autumn skin is especially dry how to do?  2018-6-13 21:10


autumn dry climate, the body of water is lost in unconsciously, a lot of people's skin becomes extremely dry. the problem of dry skin fall will make people feel uncomfortable, and even people to whom crazy.

the reason a lot of dry skin

most people believe that the climate cause dry skin, in fact, cause a lot of reasons for dry skin, the disease can lead to dry skin, even a few of life did not notice the small details can also cause dry skin.

can cause dry skin many diseases, such as eczema and psoriasis patients with these diseases need immediate treatment, care moisturizer; glucose levels in diabetic patients because of fluctuations also cause dehydration, skin becomes dry; hypothyroid patients because low levels of thyroid hormone special will reduce the amount of oil secreted by the skin, the skin becomes dry and rough, and moisturizers often ineffective. the life cause skin dryness is common in small details, misuse moisturizing cream, long hot baths, wash their hands often using soap and bathing.

dry skin quiz

dry skin requires vigilance what extent? might be a little test to see if their skin into the "dried dangerous period." if you have the following five three, it means that your skin has sounded the alarm bell for you, you have to take early measures to deal with the.

1. whole face feels tight; 2. touch with the palm, no slickness; 3. other parts of the body skin showing a dry state; 4. some parts of dry peeling phenomenon; 5. itchy feeling after taking a bath.

anti-dry skin "internally and externally"

experts point out that regardless of the skin, protect the skin should be "internally and externally." from the 'inside' water, adjust the body's water metabolism, in addition to drink plenty of water, but also eat pears, sugar cane, water chestnuts, lotus root, honey yangyinshengjin moistening foods. try to eat or not eat chili, onion, ginger, garlic, hot pepper and other xinwen the goods and fried, fatty foods.

supplementary water should also reduce water loss, to avoid damage to the skin, you can apply a moisturizing effect of skin care products, to reduce the number of bathing, water temperature, avoid direct contact with cleaning supplies.

dry skin three therapeutic side

radix sea cucumber stew meat

ingredients: fresh cucumber 30g, radix 15g, lean 100g, ginger appropriate .

efficacy: cucumber sweet and salty, warm, with a kidney, yijing, nourishing, moistening, bleeding, anti-inflammatory effect. radix sweet and slightly cold, can yin lungs, stomach fluid. pork sweet nature, can nourishing yin, qi and blood.

production: the sea cucumber water clean cut, then wash radix, lean meat, ginger into the steaming pot, add water 300ml, impermeable wu simmer for 2 hours.

tangerine tea fungus

material: white fungus 20g, tangerine 50g (available canned tangerine), crystal sugar.

effect: food and medicine fungus is tonic, yin and lungs, stomach fluid of efficiency; tangerine with lungs, cough, phlegm, spleen, shun qi, thirst efficacy. combined with yin emollients, beauty rejuvenation of the function.

make: white fungus soaked in water, torn into small pieces, wash, add water 1000ml, cook until soft, add orange flesh, the fire after boiling, switch to simmer for 15 minutes, adding the right amount according to individual taste sugar can be.

yuzhu walnut porridge

material: yu-chu, walnuts, radix, lily of the 15g, rice, salt to taste.

effect: yuzhu sweet and slightly cold, also yin lungs, stomach fluid of action. walnut kidney, intestines. radix sweet and slightly cold, can yin lungs, stomach fluid. lily sweet, slightly cold, can yin lungs cough, soothe the nerves. shared yin and moistening effect.

country: wash odoratum, walnuts, radix, lily, rice into the pot, add water about 1000ml, after the fire to boil piecemeal heat and simmer until rice is boiling, add the right amount of salt seasoning that is can.

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