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vigorous exercise half an hour a day reduced risk of breast 1/5  2018-6-13 20:10


according to the british "daily mail" reported, oxford university researchers found that regular aerobic exercise do middle-aged women, such as dance fitness dance or pedal can prevent against breast cancer. half-hour of vigorous exercise every day, such as squash or participate in spinning class can reduce the risk of 1/5. also found that more than half of obese women increased the risk of slim women.

vigorous exercise half an hour a day to prevent breast cancer

in the uk, about 1/8 of women (50,500 people) with breast cancer. but more and more evidence that a healthy lifestyle can help reduce the risk of this disease.

researchers 126,000 menopausal women experienced a three-year track record whether they were suffering from breast cancer. at the same time these women also participated in the detailed questionnaire, including issues related to body weight and lifestyle, diet, alcohol consumption and smoking.

the results showed that vigorous exercise for three hours a week for women than those who rarely exercise, or no exercise of women decreased by 21% of the risk. these strenuous exercise refers to those intensive fitness programs, such as dance training, instead of jogging, walking or cycling and other sports.

meanwhile, the scientists also found that being overweight or obese can increase the risk of women suffering from breast cancer. higher body fat most women (55% body fat) risk of breast cancer. this may be because the fat cells can induce secretion of estrogen to stimulate tumor growth.

professor from the cancer epidemiology unit at oxford university, tim group said that physical exercise in the end is how to reduce risk, is still unknown, but some small-scale study suggests that this may be related to the body hormone levels. we also need further study to analyze the relationship between women's hormone levels and prevent cancer.

data show that fewer than half of women do at least two and a half hours per week of exercise time. cancer research uk's head of anti-cancer alison cox, said the study confirms that allow the body to move, can not only burn calories, but also anti-cancer prevention.

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