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make you happy 9 tips  2018-5-17 02:10


even clothed, daily life is lived in stone not feel happy. in such spent every day, if not feel a sense of fulfillment and happiness, you can try the following 10 methods to ensure that you can make a day full of joy, in the long run and allow you to have sparkling life.

optimistic thinking

optimism is to be more healthy, more happy secret, but also make life more spacious.

in the army soldiers to exercise spiritual plane for the purpose will teach them optimistic thinking. enhance the ability of self-confidence can already have.

contact with people

hugging, shaking hands, touching the skin between friends can reduce stress, strengthen the sense of solidarity among peers.

let others feel happy, you become a person will be able to make convincing. dialogue between peers can prevent heart attacks and cancer, boost the immune system, but also the longevity of the underlying cause.


it is said that in the face of pressure to treat people in a humorous way, the immune system is strong. not only that, but also can reduce heart attack and stroke risk in doing dental treatment are less likely to feel pain and can help longevity.

laughing is like a daily vitamin general, as long tried to recall the joy of the moment, you can strengthen your relationships. humor contain a number of advantages too!

get enough sleep

no particular reason can not feel happy, it is possible because of lack of sleep. lack of sleep is easy to get sick, it can be said that the obstacle to travel the road to happiness. adequate sleep can improve judgment, conversely, lack of sleep, and not prone to some logical behavior.

proposal busy people can do a short lunch break. so can increase the concentration of the work force and learning to enhance positive emotions, negative emotions will be swept away.


meditation happiness will emerge, and increase concentration and endurance, reduce anger, anxiety, hopelessness, fatigue.

similarly, even if there is no religion, but also can express the mood of prayer.

with friends or family members

with friends or family to spend time together, is happy the most important key.

because personal relationships are more valuable than you imagine, reportedly worth us $ 1,232 a year, about 130,000 of. a sense of social alienation will make people feel that they are extremely boring person, but also lead to a heart attack, because stroke, diabetes, there may be death. on the contrary, the world's oldest person is in close contact with the community.

friend is the key to abundant life. in order to construct good relationships with each other to share the good news is a good way. when someone else to share the good news with you from the heart should beat pleased.

exercise is a very important thing, which is well known. however, very few people actually sustained.

in addition sport can lose weight and health management, but also can make you smarter and happy, easy to fall asleep and increases the body's self-confidence. according to harvard university, won the sport is one of the secrets of life have a better result.

experience nature

"many people overlook the importance of nature, in fact, contact with nature can reduce stress, abundant creativity, and enhance memory, allowing you to become more healthy people. "

encountered difficulties, go outside, to a place full of greenery and perhaps also a good choice, there may emerge a good idea it!

challenge yourself

challenge now want to try things also has its significance. such as learning other languages ​​or music, etc., can enhance the intellectual.

cumulative efforts can improve a little willpower, which compared to the original iq is the key to your success. moreover, life in retrospect, most regret are usually no learning.