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elaborate probiotics three mistakes  2018-5-17 00:10


these bacteria are generally no harm to human body, some are even beneficial. when intestinal health, i.e. under normal circumstances, these bacteria in the body, including in a dynamic equilibrium in the intestinal tract.

myth: there are "bacteria" will certainly have a role

on the market contain a variety of so-called "t; probiotic" t; the products are the same as effective? chinese institute of food science and technology of lactobacillus branch chairman, professor of food science, zhejiang university, said he guoqing, probiotics has three necessary conditions, one can reach the intestines alive, and second, to reach a certain number, the third is to play a significant effect. he told everyone, probiotics must first ensure its activity, in addition to concern their number. in accordance with state regulations, the factory per milliliter should be at least 1 million, and even in some developed countries has reached as much as 100 million per milliliter. in addition, the product should be maintained throughout the shelf life of this magnitude. suggest that you carefully read the product label should purchase, such as the list of ingredients, the name logo. try to choose well-known international brands, and "t; lactic acid bacteria" t; labeling and refrigerated products, shelf life is generally in a month or so.

myth: probiotic products are only suitable for children

life is the most common probiotic lactic acid bacteria in food and beverage, and a small bottle of sweet and sour, so many people mistaken for children's drinks, in fact, this is a misunderstanding.

breastfeeding can transfer bacteria to the baby hospital nutrition director ding hong, md, pointed out that with age, our intestinal bacteria will reduce harmful bacteria gradually increased. and modern dietary fiber, eat less, work pressure, so more need to add probiotics to maintain intestinal health. in addition, professor chen yourong shanghai ocean university, said there is constipation, obesity, older age, frequent use of antibiotics and other people in particular need to be supplemented.

myth: probiotic products capacity the better

some people think small bottle of probiotic drink thirty-two to finish, enough to play a role in it? whether the capacity the better it? ding hong, the physician in charge, said capacity is not chosen according to the product, the key depends on the number of viable cells per milliliter contains general daily supplement of billions can meet human needs. it is worth noting that should drink every day, winter is no exception, so as to contribute to maintaining the balance of intestinal flora. in addition ding hong also suggested everyone after dinner drink, this is because the food and stomach acid can make more viable cells after reach the intestine play a role.