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winter drink blood and warm blood soup  2018-5-16 23:10


tcm believes that duck taste salty, cold, with blood detoxification. blood loss anemia or women for sex by hot flashes, and children scour like frozen fish, could be rushed into the hot wine service; and for the red blood heat on, stroke, dizziness or poisoning. from the nutritional point of view, the duck is rich in protein and a variety of body can not synthesize the amino acid, erythropoietin content contained higher, also contains trace elements of iron and other minerals and vitamins, these are human hematopoietic the process is an indispensable material. compatibility duck soup diet cooking meat dish made of seaweed, not only for leukemia patients have a good nourishing tonic effect, but also for acute leukemia complicated by anemia who have significant effect of adjuvant therapy, with both preventive and therapeutic effects of anti-cancer tumor suppressor .

for people who are anemic, eating duck better iron tonic, because iron more and better effects duck blood contained more than chicken, especially for the children to come that eating a duck every day is a good choice. however, due to slightly duck contains cholesterol than chicken, so for the high lipid or lipid metabolism poor elderly, should be careful to eat or not eat.

often with blood soup fans to make duck blood soup fans, nanjing is also the name of a snack. duck blood soup fans how to do it? let's take a look at:

ingredients: duck soup 350-400 g

accessories: spicy duck 60 grams, 10 grams of duck gizzards, duck 10 g, 10 g duck beans soak 5 g, spiced corned egg half

bowl seasoning: 1-2 grams of salt, monosodium glutamate 1 g, chicken powder 1 g, 2 g duck blood soup seasoning, sour beans 2 g, peanuts 3 grams, 2 grams of mustard, parsley 2-3 grams, five grams onion, duck feed oil 5 grams


(1) take hot pink stainless steel colander, join beans soak and cook 1 minute;

(2) to take the bowl, the bowl add salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken, duck blood soup seasoning, sour beans, mustard and duck feed oil into the hot good fans and duck soup, splashed with spicy duck, duck gizzards, duck, duck, noodles sprinkled with parsley, scallions, peanuts, you can.