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baby yogurt : three to three do not  2018-5-16 22:10


three baby yogurt "to":

1, to be identified varieties. currently on the market, there are many prepared from milk or milk powder, sugar, lactic acid or citric acid, malic acid, spices and preservatives from the processing of "sour milk", which does not have the health effects of yogurt, to carefully identify the time of purchase .

2, to about two hours after dinner drink. suitable lactic acid bacteria ph value of ph 5.4 and above, fasting gastric juice ph value of 2 or less, such as drinking yogurt, lactic acid bacteria susceptible to kill, health care decreased; meal gastric juice diluted, ph value rose to only 3-5.

3, mouthwash after going to drink. with the development of lactic acid beverage series, children's tooth decay rates are also increasing, which is some of the lactic acid bacteria play a leading role.

baby yogurt three "do not":

1, not heated. yogurt activity, milk of lactic acid bacteria, such as heated or diluted with water, then a large number of deaths, not only the disappearance of the unique flavor, nutritional value wiped out.

2, not with some of the drugs with the service. chloramphenicol, erythromycin and other antibiotics, sulfa drugs and treatment of diarrhea astringent times carbonic acid, tannic acid eggs and other drugs, can kill or damage of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt.

3, do not give the baby feeding. less calcium yogurt, baby is growth, requires a lot of calcium, and yogurt generate antibiotic produced by lactic acid bacteria, although able to suppress and eliminate many pathogenic microorganisms, but also undermined the growth of beneficial bacteria to human condition, but also affected normal digestive function, especially for gastroenteritis in infants and preterm children more negative.