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pregnant women how to add protein ?  2018-5-16 21:10


growth pregnant mothers know their diet have a direct relationship with the fetus, so of course, not sloppy in the supplementary aspect, wherein the protein of fetal brain development has a special function.

the human brain is a complex protein intellectual indispensable basic material, if the protein is a serious shortage of supply in the fetus can cause fetal brain development disorders, level of intelligence severely affected after the birth. protein is so important, but we can not synthesize itself. plants by absorbing sunlight, water, soil and air will be able to synthesize protein, but we who have no such capability, can not rely on the sun and drink plenty of water to sustain life and brain development, the protein must be obtained through diet. so what pregnant women eat can be a good complement proteins do?

when you ask what foods are rich in protein, many pregnant mothers to mind the answer is meat and fish, seafood, milk. yes, indeed these foods are rich in protein. but you also know that soy protein is the disdain of their king? how to eat can increase the absorption rate of protein and you know what?

said futile nonsense also a high-protein food refers to foods with high protein content. where the protein content of soybeans, meat, eggs, fish, seafood and other animal protein is protein-rich foods. proteins are the body's essential nutrients, people can choose protein-rich protein diet supplemented by raw materials.

say something new thing is that soy protein is king, what fish and milk and eggs in front of it is a weak burst, containing most of the food is inexpensive soy protein per 100 grams of soy which contains 36.3 grams of protein, that is, eating every three or drink soy milk three, including one that is full of protein, exaggerated, right?

most protein-containing foods are chicken carnivorous, containing 23.3 grams per 100 grams; in addition, like meat, milk, eggs, sesame seeds, melon seeds, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts and other dried fruit protein levels were high. foods with beans, peanuts, meat, dairy, eggs, fish and shrimp contain higher protein and less grain content in fruits and vegetables less. the body's protein needs depend not only on the protein content, but also on the type of protein and essential amino acids contained in proportion. because animal protein contained in the type and proportion of amino acids more in line with human needs, so animal protein is higher than vegetable protein nutritional value.

even though we say, three soy protein is a protein of the king, but because of its lack of methionine and cystine, so pregnant mothers can not eat soy protein a day and do not eat other food. therefore, the diet during pregnancy should learn from each other, in order to improve the utilization of food protein. if more appropriate to add animal protein, can greatly improve the nutritional value of dietary protein.

protein is good, and the food and the control. excessive consumption of protein daily is also no good, then how many pregnant mothers who eat only protein is enough every day? with intuitive, the image of the assertion that poker is a piece of meat a day, two glasses of milk, a handful of beans you can get about 60-70 grams of protein, required a sufficient distance runner weighing 60 kg. like a piece of cooked meat is about the size of playing cards contain 30-35 grams of protein, a large glass of milk, about 8-10 grams, all kinds of beans, half a cup contains about 6-8 grams. however, due to the demand for protein in pregnancy is relatively large, so pregnant mothers can drink a glass of milk or eat meat proportionally, you can get adequate protein.