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get rid of a cold new skills respiratory health exercise  2018-5-16 20:10


"flu" is a disease we are familiar, the term is not new for us, one way or another have been violated through it. winter is the peak of the cold. so, how to prevent flu? 39 health net editor teach you respiratory health exercises.

cold small case? minor illness into a serious illness carefully plot

cold is in your life is sure to encounter the disease, no matter how strong, he will always be a chance a few colds. we do not completely reject the arrival of cold, totally sick people are even more dangerous; we have to do, just keep a certain distance with the flu, reduce the chance of it just wraps.

according to scientific survey found that people's life and the most likely to suffer the most common was the disease is cold. if a person under 40 years ago, often with a cold soon, constantly cold, its bad result; small volume lesions illness, their immune system to resist the loss of function of the disease, eventually fatal illness such as cancer, settle down in the body, endanger our lives.

again 'respiratory health exercise "a day off cold

the first invasion of the natural influenza virus respiratory! if you're on a diet period, in the absence of sufficient high-quality protein intake, the respiratory immune system will first issue a red alert. only by allowing the respiratory tract to maintain a healthy state, you can try to avoid the cold.

1, mount nose: the thumbs to fever after friction between the outside along the bridge of the nose, the nose on both sides of the upper and lower friction 60 times, then press the sides of the nose 20 times.

2, mount throat: sit up straight, looked up, straight neck, friction to the chest with the palm down along the throat, rubbing his hands in a row alternately 30 times for it again, even to do three times.

3, deep breathing: supine, slow abdominal breathing 20 times.

4, chuibei: sit up straight, eyes closed, hands clenched fist or use a tool to chuibei. start with the bottom, then top to bottom 5 times beat lightly on both sides along the spine, beat back then from left to right, from right to left 1 times.

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