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steps eye drops did you master ?  2018-4-16 21:10


although eye drops preservatives thing the fire for a moment, but for people who are accustomed to using eye drops, really do not seem likely. in fact, in addition to preservatives thing, there are a lot of drops of medication to note little knowledge. but the key to drug use eye drops drip correct it.

wash your hands before eyedrops to avoid infection caused by handling of the contact; end point drops (cream) maybe the finger will point to the syrup or tears, it is best to wash once again hand. after eyedrops bottle open, avoid contact with other items, including the eyelids, eyelashes. tightly after use, so as to prevent contamination of eye drops. use of contaminated liquid may cause bacterial keratitis.

when eye drops, four steps need to know.

(1) to try to head to the back, or lying down.

(2) with the index finger to drop down the lower eyelid and eyeball apart.

(3) will be at eye drops pingzui point in the conjunctival fornix.

(4) eye drops can be one or two drops, ointment out about one centimeter long, because the volume of the eye's surface is very limited, and tears by the nasolacrimal duct to drain quickly, so cover the bottle immediately after this limited time to increase the volume and eyedrops and eye contact with the surface and the time and attention, can not come into contact with the lip eyedrops or eye lashes, to prevent contamination of the vial, and the end point eyedropper cover.

after eye drops

close your eyes for at least five minutes, and not blink, and use your fingers to gently press the eye angles nasolacrimal duct at least two minutes to slow drug fluid drain. prior opened his eyes with a tissue or handkerchief will flow around the eyes or eye drops are not absorbed wipe tears.

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