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women to the point of anti- fat cream vinegar  2018-3-14 05:10


vinegar is not only a cheap and seasoning, can make food even more delicious, for women, appropriate to eat vinegar, it is healthy, "patron saint", not only to prevent obesity, to prevent the "three high" , but also to promote metabolism, prevent obesity.

furthermore, for the beauty of women, beauty skin vinegar is indispensable essential goods, while chinese medicine has long been documented, acetic acid and warm, with scattered paralyzed detoxification, pain and other gas effect, but also the treatment of some gynecological diseases.

women come a little vinegar and let you stay away from obesity cold

vinegar can promote metabolism, prevent fat deposition, the appropriate drink vinegar or citric acid can resist the virus and help prevent colds.

vinegar contains 20 kinds of amino acids and 16 kinds of organic acids, can promote glucose metabolism, lower cholesterol, regular consumption of amino acids contained in vinegar, not only consume the body fat, but also promote sugar, protein metabolism smoothly, play a slimming effect.

so, "jealous" is also a woman against the "three high", the most simple and effective way. in addition to the prevention of obesity, vinegar can dilate blood vessels, help digestion and absorption, can also mediate the body's acid-base balance. usually eating too much meat and fish, can cause increased acidity causing the body acid-base imbalance, to ph peace, must be consumed to neutralize alkaline foods. vinegar acid occurs in vivo reaction, they generate alkaline substances that can neutralize acid and meat.

it should be noted that those who are taking some medicine, clothes, "relieving sweating" chinese person, ulcers and hyperacidity, low blood pressure, osteoporosis and patients should not drink vinegar.

vinegar can purge anti-aging wrinkle cream

vinegar can improve the skin's blood circulation, promote skin metabolism. modern research shows that vinegar has assisted anti-oxidation, anti-aging, eliminate wrinkles role. long-term adherence with white vinegar wash, can help eliminate fine facial wrinkles.

many acne or pigmentation troubled female friends often varying degrees of constipation. vinegar is rich in amino acids and certain glycolytic enzymes, as well as a variety of unsaturated fatty acids, can promote intestinal peristalsis, maintaining ecological balance of intestinal flora environment, maintaining smooth stool, improve acne and pigmentation.

vinegar bath privates but also anti gynecological diseases

vinegar has a bactericidal effect on genital itching and vaginitis have a good preventive effect, can match the solution of warm water add vinegar to clean vulva or bath.

compared with other gynecological topical lotion, moist vulva washed with white vinegar, comfortable, no dry feeling and smell, especially in middle-aged women to better effect.

it should be noted that not a lot of drinking vinegar, especially those who suffer from ulcers, gastric acid hypersecretion patients. in addition, the skin should be carefully sensitive friend.