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prepare pregnant man " protect sperm " to comply with principle 4  2018-3-14 04:10


nurture a healthy, smart baby is the young couple's wishes, and a healthy baby from a healthy combination of sperm and egg, the prospective father's sperm health plays a vital role. how to protect male sperm, enhance sperm motility it? prepare pregnant men to comply with the following four principles:

prepare pregnant man "protect sperm" to comply with principle 4

1. tobacco and alcohol, to avoid environmental pollution

unhealthy a great impact on the body's way of life, such as long-term smoking, alcoholism, long-term radiation environment is one of the killer lead to declining sperm counts. please discard cigarette immediately, and try to drink less. at the same time, as far as possible away from the radiation, heat, car exhaust and other environments. from the subtle lifestyle changes, you will find very effective to improve sperm motility.

2. maintain proper exercise

movement can exercise only strengthen the resistance, but also can improve sperm motility. research shows that men lack of exercise, obesity can lead to temperature rises groin, damage sperm growth. exercise can not only maintain a healthy physical, or effective way of decompression. pressure can also be considered a man motion 30-45 minutes a day, to enhance sperm motility. however, exercise in moderation, do not be too intense.

focusing on the conservation of kidney

3. food

zinc-rich foods (such as beans, peanuts, beef, pork, etc.) has a role in complement fine impotence; corticotropin-rich animal offal and sex hormones, adequate consumption can enhance sexual function, and can enhance sperm motility, to maintain the normal function of male reproductive system plays an important role. meanwhile, to focus on health, men should focus more intake of vitamin e and various trace elements of fruits, vegetables, to help combat germs destroy sperm.

4. law, health sex life

a regular sex life, you can ensure sperm production and activities. but not too frequent, too much sex is easy to wear essence, leading to decreased sperm quality. therefore, a good grasp of the very important. recommendation: sex need law and health. be sure to clean after sex genitals, private parts easier filth. the best daily foreskin, scrotum cleaning.

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