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the ten men more likely to kidney six kinds of food can kidney  2018-3-14 03:10


when it comes to the kidney, this term refers to traditional chinese medicine, "kidney" concept of traditional medicine are talking about the "kidney" refers not only to the kidney anatomical, physiological role and is a fairly wide range, and human reproduction, growth, digestive, endocrine and metabolism have a direct or indirect relationship of vital organs. "kidney" is a broad concept, including the related diseases of the urinary system, reproductive system, endocrine and metabolic systems, neuropsychiatric and digestive, circulatory, respiratory, and many other systems.

kidney easy person:

1, frequently smoke, drink alcohol;

2, living and eating often erratic person;

3, busy, nervous people;

4, people drink tea;

5, prolonged use of computer people;

6, recovering patients;

7, for a long time sedentary people;

8, sexually active people;

9, eat men quick aphrodisiac;

10, the elderly.

daily six kinds of kidney food

kidney is more emphasis on women's health topics, there are many kidney method, in addition to some drugs kidney method, everyday foods can qiangshen fitness so do not underestimate the therapeutic kidney method.

1, yam

natured, sweet, spleen, yang fei, gu shen, essence of power, whether or kidney qi wang and emission premature ejaculation, can eat. chinese medicine believes yam and other kidney gujing food together with food, such as gorgon, lotus seeds, better results.

tcm believes cowpea natured, sweet, there are two supplement functions: spleen, kidney, kidney spermatorrhea person who can take it. li's "compendium of materia medica" also mentioned: "cowpea processing in qi, kidney and stomach, and five internal organs, raw essence."

3, gorgon

nature, taste gan astringent, can gushen astringent fine, spleen and stopped the leaks, according to the "gorgon irrelevant yijing chinese" new materia medica "refers to, and can astringent refined kidney, and yam and use, each end, day rice transfer service. "

3, walnuts

can kidney gujing, tonic foods, meat can nourish the skin can convergence astringent. medical book "universal relief" in the mentioned: "walnut flood low fire intensity, fine from the overflow." this means that the kidneys do not pay, wang spermatorrhea who have a very good treatment delivery.

4, ginkgo

ginkgo biloba ginkgo also called for emission patients may steamed, fried or cooked stew, li hour medical books recorded: "cooked food warm the lung qi, be chuansouyin, reduce it, only gonorrhea its thin air wei hou, astringent and income. "

5, lotus seeds

lotus seeds kidneys do not pay for the semen of patients have a good sibu function. li had said: 'lotus pure heart gujing, an jing jun fire up and down evil, so the kidneys from both the economy of the wonderful cross. "

6, bozi

sex , sweet, keep mind, benefit the brain, fatigue and effort for the loss of semen premature ejaculation person curative. li mentioned: "bozi, flat and not cold not dry, sweet and fill, acrid and can run, its faint scent, can penetrate the heart and kidney, benefit the spleen and stomach, also covered drug product, it would be desirable to nourish the agent used it. "