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three parts seen enough blood to teach women how to cope  2018-3-14 02:10


women are likely to lack of blood yin and yang imbalance, is the poor performance of the outer face, yellowing of the skin and eyes cloudy. if the lack of blood, you can drink nourishing soup, chicken soup most up blood, in addition, you can add angelica, antler, astragalus, codonopsis raise blood gas medicine.

daily diet, you can increase the amount of rabbit, lamb and other red meat warming. rabbit and lamb with deficiency of efficacy, coupled with appropriate medicines, therapeutic effect even more. for example, the rabbit can add codonopsis, chinese yam, wolfberry; lamb, you can add ginger, onion, simmered stew cooked. further dates, wolfberry, sesame can be eaten as snacks, contribute to nourishing blood.

hair hair closely associated with liver and kidney. if adequate hepatic blood, hair will have sufficient blood supply. kidney essence is the body's essential to maintain and kidney hair growth, health status are closely linked. if the hair is turning gray hepatic blood kidney fading performance, but some young white hair appeared in the short term, with a bad temper, easy to get angry, mostly due to stagnation of liver blood heat. if accompanied by lack of sleep, lassitude, weakness, tinnitus, it is because insufficient kidney. if a large number of hair loss and thinning hair more and more, it could be blood problems. if the hair is oily, it is not insufficiency and spleen of gas too, pulmonary gas void. because the growth rate of the hair and liver blood relationship, if liver blood deficiency, the hair will grow slowly, and easy to dry.

skin mainly to see whether there are shiny skin elasticity and wrinkles. in fact, close to the skin and lungs, if a trace of pink skin, white, shiny, elastic, no wrinkles, no plaque, showing adequate pulmonary blood. if the rough skin, no shine, dark, white, blue, red, yellow, long spot represents poor health, lack of blood. in addition, pale and blood-related. pale representation kidney deficiency, pale complexion is insufficient liver.

eye mainly to see the color and clarity of the eye. eyes clear and bright, radiant, represents the blood sufficient, but if whites turbid color, yellow, indicating insufficient liver blood. whites of the eyes and lungs and large intestine are closely related, if whites had bloodshot eyes, usually the lungs and large intestine heat; dry eyes, eyelids heavy, but also represents the lack of blood; a large bags indicates spleen; two eyes dull, dull , it is the failure of blood.