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prostate cancer eat four types of vegetables to prevent harm  2018-3-14 01:10


male friends usually busy with career and family, rarely pay attention to their health, over time, stress and bad habits will lead to the occurrence of a number of male diseases such as prostate cancer, which is relatively normal life troubled man common type of the disease, and therefore found to have associated disease symptoms, to timely examination and treatment, the best in life should do related prevention, prevent disease damage.

in addition to a healthy lifestyle in terms of diet, male friends can eat some vegetables to prevent prostate disease.

no41, cabbage

among the variety of vegetables, cabbage contains many anti-cancer substance, the growth of cancer cells have some control and avoid cancer gene genetic health against. around one hundred grams a day to maintain the intake of cabbage, can effectively prevent the occurrence of prostate cancer, and can reduce their ability to grow cancer cells.

spinach contains trace elements of magnesium, can muscle carbohydrates into usable energy, to increase the effect of male muscle strength. of course, for men, the more significant advantages of spinach folic acid and iron can promote the synthesis of red blood cells and improve blood oxygen carrying capacity, accelerate blood circulation, and fundamentally enhance the quality of the male sex.

no3, walnut

daily life, eat walnuts health of the body is very helpful, it can not only lower cholesterol, protect the heart, but also to suppress swollen prostate cancer cell growth. thus, adequate intake of walnuts not only to maintain the health of humanity itself, can also help us to stay away from stalking disease.

no4, tomato

everyday life, tomato intake to the body's health is very secure, and can prevent the occurrence of prostate cancer because it contains special anti- cancer pigment. continued drank tomato juice a month, a month, they can reduce the risk of disease month about 20%, and can add enough nutrients in the body.

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