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men's skin care workers must see five collection  2018-3-14 00:10


work pressure, a lot of male friends from lack of sleep, stress, meals uncertain which led to their dry skin, but most men do not have time friend always on the grounds, while ignoring skin care. but men's skin also needs to be cleaned, the following 39 health network xiaobian "worker" must-see five men's skincare collection.

1, every morning for the skin should do something

cleansing, shaving, moisturizing and oil control is the basis of several skin problems. select the number of multi-effect skin care cleansing products to meet the needs of these skin as comprehensively as possible. under the time constraints of the situation, do not forget to clean the skin, because after a night of metabolism, the accumulation of a lot of fat and skin stains.

2, in the office, but also good skin maintenance work

part of the office by the central air-conditioning control, ventilation system does not purify bacteria and dust have surround us; and computer-generated electrostatic radiation dust in the air will quickly attached to the skin, resulting in clogging facial pores, pigmentation.

in such a dirty environment, the skin easily because of lack of water caused by fine lines, in addition to oil secretion and acne problems caused by the oil. can be prepared in the office water spray, moisturizing cream and other secret weapon to solve skin problems and maintain a good image of the day.

3, how dignified solution to face problems

long period of time in the cabin, the biggest challenge facing what is healthy skin on the plane? in addition to dry outside, bring a sense of flight burnout can easily cause the skin into the sleepy state.

long flight, it is recommended after cleansing using "first replenishment reprotecting" two-step skin care law: first, the use of moisturizing lotion or cream, etc. quickly add moisture to the skin, followed by use of skin covered with a layer of protective cream film, while locking in nutrients enter the water. but be warned: oily skin, choose moisturizing lotion, dry skin moisturizing cream can choose.

4, before going to bed take care of your will know

the skin's ability to absorb nutrients is limited, male friends if oily skin, you should pay attention not excessive smear. when using the cream, the product should be first in the palm even open, even after a little warm pat in the face right site. in addition, it is worth noting: 1 hour before bedtime drink as little as possible, so the next day swollen eyes.

5, before going to bed how skin moisturizer

bedtime skin moisturizer is very important and should use more than the amount of moisturizer in the morning using a complete coverage of the face. for men mixed skin, you should focus on in the outside portion of the t-zone moisture. if you have to resist the demands of skin aging, moisturizing after completing steps should remedy against wrinkle-prone area. 39 health network ( feature articles, please indicate the source.