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urine relatively large sexuality is strong ? wrong  2018-3-13 23:10


in many people's opinion, "is power urination urethra width = = = penis big and strong performance." this series of inference is justified it? andrology experts, "this is obviously a misunderstanding of sexuality." although men urinating and sex should be used penis, but the two are not necessarily linked ability. the main factors that determine the strength of the detrusor voiding and urethral patency, the former decided to force the urine, which reflects the resistance encountered during urination. "however, these two factors with sexual nothing."

experts explained that first of all, for most people, unless there is a congenital gonadal abnormalities, or between individuals of the same race penis size are similar. some people seem smaller penis when soft, but the erection, volume or less. secondly, sexuality depends largely on the ability of erection hardness and durability, which with the penis of blood microcirculation.

male experts said the patient a congenital testicular atrophy, drank a bucket of water, urine still strong. you can say he strong performance of it? "in the past seen a patient, the penis getting bigger, but also enough strength to urinate, but three times from marriage because of his sexual function is not normal, people with penile vascular leakage, ie the penis can not store blood to live, so qualified erection can not be achieved. "of course, if the original unobstructed urinary tract, suddenly turned into difficulty urinating, voice dripping up, there may be a symptom of urinary tract stones. the urine progressive weakness, it may be caused by benign prostate hyperplasia, chronic pancreatitis caused by prostate.

urinary bifurcation is not necessarily prostatitis addition to more than sound, but also forget more than shape - urine bifurcation to illustrate the prostate gland inflammation, which is a lot of men and a misunderstanding. in this regard, the expert said: "once the swelling of the prostate will squeeze the urethra, causing urinary bifurcation but can cause swelling of the prostate for many reasons, such as inflammation of the prostate enlargement, prostate hyperplasia, even. simply because the penis erection penis erection time, the prostate will be congestion, swelling, secretion of substances, some men may have had this experience: after nocturnal erections or morning erection, to the restroom and found the urinary bifurcation this is a normal phenomenon. of course, long-lasting, high-frequency urine bifurcation, or should go to the hospital for examination. "

why are there so many people still bored in the toilet" battle " it? experts believe that, first, the corresponding knowledge is not enough to spread. most of the people is to obtain knowledge from the film, a small radio. obviously, these unsolicited information misled them.

secondly, like to participate in "toilet wars" who often lack confidence. they fear that their "lifeblood" there is a problem at any time wants to prove himself. unfortunately, the cause of this "battle" is fundamentally wrong - piss voice and strength, did not have sexual relations with.