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tcm prevention of postpartum rheumatism coup  2018-3-13 22:10


postpartum rheumatism seriously hurt women's health, then the cause of postpartum rheumatism, what does? here we tell you about the causes of postpartum rheumatism, we want to help. cause

lead to postpartum rheumatism what

1, postpartum sweating, but not warm, feeling the cold evil.

2, mothers lived in cold and damp homes.

3, maternal fatigue or premature use of cold water and laundry.

4, mothers of premature sexual intercourse.

5, maternal feelings invasion of guotang feng doors and windows of the aisle.

6, mothers by the wet rain. because postpartum bleeding from the uterus, causing blood emptiness, vitality, meridians, blood musculoskeletal emptiness, if the evils cheng xu and who will make the muscles, joint pain soreness heavy, cold fear of the wind, causing the disease .

postpartum rheumatic symptoms have achieved?

postpartum rheumatism is common postpartum women, during the month by the wind cold dampness evil invasion, is an important reason to cause disease, the disease to the patient's health caused great threat. that postpartum rheumatism symptoms are what show it

postpartum rheumatism symptoms are complex and diverse, different types of symptoms can vary, the more common are:

first, cold and heat mixed type: mothers suffering from such conditions will be cold feeling, but actually an illusion, in fact, the patient had excessive caloric. patients with symptoms of limb joint and muscle pain, chills and fever, and uncertain dealings, dry mouth, like drinking, irritability, dry stool, red tongue, moss thin yellow pulse a few strings.

second, hanning blood type: mothers suffering from such conditions will have a sense of fear cold chills, the body will have severe muscle and joint pain and a feeling of cold phenomenon, after yuhan symptoms, heating after symptoms, pale tongue white, pulse string tight.

third, the wind made the blood type: patients suffering from such conditions there will be a sense of muscle and joint pain to walk uncertain, there will be spontaneous evil wind phenomenon, after illness worsened headache , dizziness, mei leng bone pain, and in case the wind will increase. mouth quit, do not like drinking water, pale tongue, thin white also symptoms of postpartum rheumatism.

fourth, wet stagnation blood type: the main symptoms are women suffering from this type of rheumatism in fixed limb muscles and joints soreness, weight forward and numbness of performance, the tongue is a little fat, greasy moss , pulse slow.

the method of traditional chinese medicine treatment of postpartum rheumatism have?

1, men and women of various wind. for women postpartum wind, with special effects. with wire roots five money, wujiapi twelve, windproof second money, a total of research for the end; the other to take a pound of weight silky, drowned in the water (note: this is to leave the blood), to hair sausage, cut the meat, adding yaomo mix, pour the right amount of sesame oil and fry the meat into yellow; then with the amount of people the chicken cooked in wine. patients first to exhaust vine fried soup bath head, body, and drinking chicken found slime jiyu. if not bathing, shall be issued only to see the efficacy of the wind dan.

2, postpartum convulsions. with isinglass twelve to screw powder chaojiao, go pink, research for the end, serving three times, fried cicada soup the next.

3, postpartum various diseases (bruise, heart, nausea, fan, air access is not on, my heart hard, at first glance cold heat, etc.). dipsacus skin with an added three liters of water fry two liters, three times a service.

4, taiqian postpartum deficiency, the fetus against the raw phenomena, irregular menstruation, menorrhagia embolism. by bai caoshuang, angelica, etc. into the end, each serving two money, tongbian, a little vinegar and mix thoroughly, sending down soup. two valid.

5, postpartum various diseases and carcass uneasy. eucommia peeled, the tile drying, pound for the end of the end date cooked meat tone for the pill, such as marbles. each serving a pill, rice soup the next. one day service twice.

6, postpartum various diseases (bloody net, postpartum blood halo, fu man myocardial infarction, insufficient heat and cold, hand, foot and fanre etc.). after using fumaric fried small study, each serving two money, liquor delivery, very effective.

postpartum rheumatism precautions have it?


postpartum rheumatism as follows:

first, postpartum sex ban in january, it may hurt their lives. for insurance purposes, after the hundred days before.

second, not too much activity during the confinement of pregnant women, can not be long standing, sedentary, so as not to overwork leaving the root cause.

third, do not wear slippers during the confinement of pregnant women, short-sleeved dress, skirt, spring and winter go out to wear a hat. after sweating in the room and so we must go out and then dry. can not use cold water wash, wash their hands, feet, bathing (including summer).

fourth, the confinement of pregnant women during the diet should be moderate, not too hungry fed, do not eat raw, cold, spicy thing; too much food in addition to non-food time to eat, but not fear obesity and diet.