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6 large detail 1 year old baby to teach you to identify potential  2018-3-13 21:10


i believe that every parents want their children to have superior talent and potential, in fact, children will have a different potential, the key is whether parents will discover. today, we come to secret what is a good way to find a faster step of the child's potential. children 6 to identify potential big details, take a look at your baby has these manifestations, oh no.

3-year-old is the key to the development potential of

india "t; wolf child" t; more for seven years when kamala was found, the body is no normal children feature, there is no language skills, can not walk upright, not to communicate with others. after the return to earth after six years of care professionals, only to learn to walk, to the age of 17 to learn to more than a dozen words, only 4 years old children's iq level.

the fact that, if you miss the children the opportunity to learn critical education period will cause irreversible consequences.

the so-called "t; critical period" t ;, refers to some of the most easy to learn and master the knowledge, skills and behavior during operation of a certain age. in the critical period of a child's education in a timely manner, children learn easier to learn something else, can have a multiplier effect, but if you miss the critical period go to school, will have to spend a lot of energy and time, and less effective.

next, take a look at the baby have the potential performance of it.

identify potential six children details

earlier than the age of the child started. whether your baby learn earlier than others or yourself smile at people to sit up? while most nine-month-old baby has only the floor crawling chaos, when your baby is already leaning on furniture to stand up and start trembling even think midon chubby leg up? he started earlier than others babbling or pick up something to go out into his mouth? although there are some people kid "t; resuscitation" t; too late, the future has become a well-known scientist or linguist. undeniably, however, the early performance of these children indicates that your child is in some ways a very special, very unusual, with certain aspects of the talent and potential.

remarkable memory and observation. in many of his peers baby has "t; chaos is not open" t ;, no memory performance when you surprised to find that your baby actually remember some of the people and things he had seen? for example, my mother wearing today, and usually not the same as or for a new hairstyle, usually bearded chin looks naked dad today, have been captured and had his or surprise or joy of performance.

wealth of creativity and imagination. you might ask: a two year old child also has the creativity and imagination? yes, even though most of the one-year-old child does not have the ability to solve problems well, an extraordinary gifted kids often surprise some parents amazing performance. for example, a year-old baby, hanging behind the door when he saw, but he wants something out of reach, he will push over the stool to elevate himself (of course, he did not realize the danger of) ; when he was watching television when the children's cartoon will be pointing to his ears that he saw a small white rabbit. there are a wealth of creativity and imagination of children another feature is particularly good at home fiddle toys and items to them as he had heard, seen something else to play, and fun. for example, two years old baby might carry his head bigger than bottled water empty bucket, pretentiously call "t; send gas to send gas!!" t; or carry a bag of milk, shouting "t; send grandma ! send grandma "t;! this child also has a wealth of ability to think, for example, some time down the baby usually parents often hold pressed the elevator button, then to the hotel, the hotel's elevator, his eyes will continue to look for the elevator button.

sense of humor and pistachios. dad today wearing a pair of sunglasses to be cool, or when you get up in the morning my mother a rush to the baby wearing two different socks, will make him smile dancing, which are signs that the child has a good sense of humor, he will notice around some incongruous things and feel fun, funny.

strong curiosity and desire to explore. while all children have a very strong curiosity, but most baby's attention is very easily dispersed, as long as the adults a interrupt, they will immediately adhere to just want to get something themselves behind. however, having a strong curiosity and desire to explore children are not. when they want to find out exactly how it is that thing, he will pour its full. for example, when he saw the father playing the guitar, he would insist on shells about to let him coax adults only symbolically bouncing is of no use, we must learn to look like my father holding the guitar beat, will be kept asked: "t; is not it is not the case??" t; my father wanted to retrieve the guitar, not the door, the baby did not enjoy it!

sensible and sensitive. special gift intelligent children are usually more sensitive, for example, my mother is now happy, angry father does like, he can feel and will be sensitive to the idea of ​​comfort. a man climbing the stairs together, and if the mother holding, walked, he would have said to his father: "t; father holding baby, mom tired." t;