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child car safety seat will know 4 -steps  2018-3-13 20:10


implementation taiwan infants need to take a small bus ride child safety seat up to 10 years, but it came a 8-month-old baby girl sitting in the wrong direction, when the vehicle is traveling agitated, violent head shaking, eye vessel was torn, almost blind vision. after all, how to use the safety seat was right? forward-facing and rear-facing where is the difference?

safety seat traffic casualty risk not used 8 times higher

jing-juan child safety cultural foundation executive lin yueqin said taiwan since the policy of promoting child safety seats, no long-term tracing of children traveling in car seats and casualty statistics, allowing parents to "know these" education advocacy nor indeed, cause some parents neglect the importance of safety in infants ride, simply without the use or misuse of safety seats next , often resulting in infant casualties in car accidents or emergency braking when a collision.

lin yueqin chief executive, said in infants due to traffic accidents caused by the accident, the entire family is a lifetime of pain, we can not always bleed through painful experience of others, did not know the importance of the issue . in fact, according to us statistics, there is no proper use of safety seats for infants and young children, the risk of traffic accident casualties eight times higher than the correct user.

guardian child restraint seat properly installed and used

how to use safety seats? in principle, taking into consideration the age of 1 or weighing 10 kg baby's spine and brain immaturity, should take the baby bed or rear-facing safety seat, shaking baby syndrome to reduce the damage. 1-4 years of age or weighing 10-18 kilograms toddlers, young children need to take a forward-facing seats or children.

in addition to selecting the right direction safety seats, more important is the "right use." lin yueqin ceo stressed that parents should read through the manual safety seat, correctly installed, first with the car safety seat belt tied, and then firmly fixed on the infant safety seat in a safe seat the seat belt will be between the child's shoulders and legs fixed, the department properly, so as not to swing amplitude between the vehicle and the spine and head injuries, but due to lack of seat belt elastic, resilient, and the child's body needs to maintain 1 cm gap, and young children avoid discomfort.

in addition, to help children tie tie belts, seat belts can not pass through the armpit, should be fixed above the shoulders start to avoid strangulation, to stabilize the child, avoid shaking swing. moreover, you should wear clothes depending on the amount of each adjustment tightness safety seat belt to ensure that each of road safety.

seat 4-steps

the first-steps: 0-1 years old or under 10 kg infant: baby bed, rear facing car orientation; slightly larger children use the rear seat to young children.

2-steps: 1-4 years or 10-18 kg of young children: for children forward-facing seat. if the seat belt before the car will have a direct line strangulation phenomenon, should be used to:

3-steps: 4-12 years or 18-36 kg of body weight, children need to be used with a seat for children formula students increase seat height, so as not to cause neck discomfort and injury traffic.

the first 4-steps: 4-12 years or 18-36 kg, free use of safety seats schoolchildren: the car seat belt will not le to the neck, wearing a seatbelt can be directly, without the use of children safety seats.