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temperatures plunged three elderly beware of cardiovascular disease  2018-2-14 00:10


feasts snow season, cold wave hit the temperature plunged. it is reported that the number of visits many hospitals increased significantly. the elderly, poor cold, with particular attention to warm cold, focusing on prevention of cardiovascular diseases, respiratory infections and gastrointestinal diseases.

temperature drop caused a lot of dangerous symptoms of cardiovascular disease. cold winter of the body to stimulate vasoconstriction, mean arterial pressure, increased myocardial oxygen consumption; the cold will affect sleep, cause anxiety, but also make the body increase catecholamine vasoactive substances, leading to coronary artery spasm; chill induce platelet aggregation, thrombosis, leading to myocardial infarction. winter is the flu, pneumonia, emphysema and other respiratory diseases in high season, and these infectious diseases but also easily induced myocardial infarction. in addition, cold winter, the human body by cold stimulation blood histamine increased gastric acid secretion strong, gastrointestinal spasm contraction, the body disease resistance and adaptability decreases, so it is easy to stomach the elderly in winter an old disease relapse, and even cause serious complications bleeding, gastric perforation.

dr. kahn reminded, after cooling, the elderly should pay special attention to timely add clothing, insisted windows open for ventilation, regular exercise. old people determined to cerebrovascular disease, should pay close attention to their physical condition, found blood pressure, dizziness, lightheadedness, numbness and other phenomena, as soon as possible to the hospital for medical treatment. the elderly pay special attention to good stomach warm, gentle digestible diet should choose foods, and do small meals, quit alcohol limit, regular exercise. but sooner or later the wind chill, try not to go out, outdoor activities should be selected after the 9:30 to 16:00 before and sunny weather were. windy cool weather to go out, be sure to wear a hat, a scarf, good head warm.

in addition, high and low temperatures in order to adapt to changes in the interior should and want some clothes, when going out to prevent the apparent cold stimulation. at the same time we must increase the indoor humidity, especially at night when the best humidification to reduce respiratory tract irritation dried.