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bearing in mind the goal of medication to the baby "three not "  2018-2-13 23:10


winter weather is very dry, easy baby, "angry", many parents will choose the drug a goal, a goal of how medication to the baby? this one has a lot of attention, parents who must care of. 39 health net editor to introduce you to get angry child medication "three not."

goal of medication to the baby bear in mind the "three not"

1. should not use adult drugs

many drugs for adults "get angry" very effective, these drugs you can "breaking half" in children who use it? children in the growth and development period, nervous system, endocrine system, and many organ development is not perfect, the role of the liver, kidney detoxification and detox functions and blood-brain barrier is also not perfect, the direct use of adult drugs cause serious damage to children's stomach and kidney and other organs; and the weight of drug use by children for adults to grasp difficult scientific, scientific quantification; adult drugs for children are not necessarily part of the ingredients, the child must be used with caution.

2. not own fill a prescription medicine or

many parents have their own experience in the "angry", particularly convinced that the strong role of traditional chinese medicine, some parents will go to pharmacies based on their experience fried fill a prescription, but a bad master every weight, easy to waste. more importantly, the experience of the parents can not be accurately, the various components of quantitative science. and medicine or inconvenient, taste not easily be children receive.

3. premature withdrawal

some parents ranging from baby sick fully recovered to stop the medication, so it is prone to relapse symptoms get angry, but even then medication effect unsatisfactory, so parents should be prescribed clothing.

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