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emergency contraceptive side effects note 5 items  2018-2-13 22:10


emergency contraception for women 40 years of age. room after 72 hours is generally the first piece orally, 12 hours before serving one, the sooner the better administration. within a month of emergency contraception does not take second best, harmful to health and may cause drug failure. the best three times within a year, which caused great harm to the woman medicine, menstrual disorders.

side effects of emergency contraception

many women before taking emergency contraception did not look side effects described, i do not know the harm, so some people even a month and even clothes three five. due to the long blind, large numbers of taking emergency contraception, can easily lead to menstrual disorders, after some medication in many irregular vaginal bleeding, resulting in pelvic inflammatory disease, thereby increasing infertility, ectopic pregnancy risk. no matter what kind of emergency contraception component, contain a large dose of progesterone, in order to quickly play a role in suppressing ovulation, but at the same time make the cervical mucus becomes thick, but also affect endometrial changes to prevent a fertilized egg bed or dysfunctional uterine bleeding, which can cause bleeding.

emergency contraception take precautions

1. use only occasionally, usually only use once a month at most, but not every month with.

within 2.72 hours one tablet every 12 hours and then served a total of two. medication sooner, the better.

3. after taking vomiting within two hours, you must take an immediate fill.

4. take emergency contraception after sex, contraceptive measures must be taken, otherwise there is still the possibility of pregnancy.

5. cardiovascular disease, diabetes, breast cancer, breast-feeding postpartum women within six months and who have been identified as the pregnancy do not use this drug.

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