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what kind of medicine oral ulcers toddler caution benzocaine  2018-2-13 21:10


mouth ulcers what kind of medicine? recently, the us food and drug administration (fda) issued a with benzocaine (benzocaine) related to the safety alert sprays, gels and solutions, said benzene benzocaine product ingredients can cause methemoglobinemia in patients with blood disease, and remind parents not to consumers in their own children to use benzene benzocaine ingredient oral medication.

experts pointed out that season coincided with the seasons, a lot of baby prone to mouth ulcers and other symptoms, although it may be painful, but parents should still use caution for the children.

caution in children under two benzocaine

back in 2006, fda had to remind the medical staff and patients pay attention and benzocaine related methemoglobinemia . the safety warning is special emphasis on children under two years of age be used with caution drugs containing this ingredient.

fda said in recent years continues to receive reports of patients using these products occur methemoglobinemia, in which have been informed of 21 cases with the use of non-prescription drugs benzocaine gels or solutions methemoglobinemia related cases, 15 cases of use of benzocaine gel to ease the discomfort of pediatric dental patients, the remainder for the application of benzocaine gels or solutions relieve pain in adult patients.

first affiliated hospital of tsinghua university, department of stomatology main 任王隽 introduction, benzene benzocaine pharmaceutical ingredient mostly used to relieve pain, because it belongs to a local anesthetic.

it is understood that the current domestic sale of benzene benzocaine gel and multi-component solution, and more as a non-prescription drugs for sale, used to relieve pain caused by a variety of situations, such as teething, oral ulcers, and inflammation of the mouth and gums.

wang jun emphasized that even adults benzene ingredient benzocaine-induced risk there, so parents must be careful to emphasize children choose oral medication.

according to the fda, methemoglobinemia is a rare but serious illness, the patient's oxygen-carrying blood disease is greatly reduced. in very severe cases, methemoglobinemia can cause death. however, at present, fda has not requested warning benzocaine product packaging label to add and methemoglobinemia respective risks, fda will continue to evaluate the safety of benzocaine, because of the product.

single oral ulcers without medication

positive summer transfer season, a lot of kids are prone to get angry for reasons such as occurs in the case of oral ulcers. civil commonly known as mouth ulcers angry, wang jun pointed out that, in fact, oral ulcers are people susceptible to a daily oral disease, which occurred in the tongue, floor of the mouth, cheek, soft palate, vestibular, up and down the inside lip, etc., are also an autoimmune disease.

wang jun remind, in general, the situation of children oral ulcers occur mostly solitary aphthous ulcers, which is a self-healing disease, that is, regardless of medication or not, can all be healed, only time the speed problem, so parents do not advocate for children medication. according to wang jun introduction, single oral ulcers can be cured basically about two weeks.

in addition, wang jun also stressed that due to the variety of causes mouth ulcers, mouth ulcers and even some hard to find the cause, currently on the market for oral ulcers are mostly symptomatic drugs are not liable for, and therefore remind parents do not choose oral ulcer drugs for children, in order to avoid adversely affected by illness and even induce adverse reactions.

mouth ulcers are not necessarily lack of vitamin

your baby go far oral herpetic ulcer symptoms, parents to think that a child is angry because of a lack of vitamins and induced. however, experts point out, mouth ulcers are not caused by such reasons.

wang jun introduction, if oral ulcers recur periodically, then it may belong to recurrent oral ulcers, which is not simply angry mouth ulcers caused by primary viral infection is recurrent oral ulcers the root cause lies.

wang jun reminders, such as the common cold, indigestion, nervousness, depressed, not happy and so will induce the baby mouth ulcers. therefore, parents should pay attention to in everyday life for the child to establish a good lifestyle.

wang jun said that parents should avoid eating food stimulation the children and hot foods such as pepper, raw onions, ginger, garlic, mutton, eat more vegetables and fruit. in addition, the need to let the baby to maintain a regular daily life, to ensure adequate sleep. keep stool and prevent constipation, which is part of recurrent oral ulcers during treatment should not be underestimated.