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winter pregnancy high risk of fetal malformations pregnant mothers must pay more attention  2017-12-7 20:10


baby is a happy event, but there is information that: winter is not suitable for pregnancy. in the first three months of pregnancy, the fetus is the heart, brain, liver, kidneys and other vital organs differentiation and the formation of a critical period, if the early pregnancy in winter, due to indoor air pollution, the relative risk of fetal defects in children was significantly higher than other seasons. winter pregnant really so terrible?

according to a new canadian study also found that pregnant women working in these chemical environments, their children born in the test language skills, attention and memory aspect of a child's performance to be worse than normal.

the results showed that expert: indoor and outdoor air pollution and early embryo teratogenic significant relationship. sulfur dioxide in the air can make the genes in human cells, chromosome abnormalities, leading to fetal malformations. winter air concentrations of sulfur dioxide than other seasons, especially industrial cities. so winter pregnancy birth defects was significantly higher than other seasons, birth defect rate was 7.9 percent, summer birth defect rate of 5% to 5.8%. after

pregnant, followed by the spring. the air humidity, the temperature gradually increased, is conducive to all kinds of viral reproduction and growth, so viral disease increased significantly and often causing an epidemic. in addition, changeable spring weather, easy to catch cold, so make increase the chance of infection in pregnant women.

the most worrying impact of influenza in pregnant women than the disease and treatment on the fetus. we have already described the common cold and more by rhinovirus, syncytial virus, influenza virus, adenovirus, parainfluenza virus, enterovirus and other causes. generally the common cold rarely cause fetal malformations, but influenza and influenza virus have a teratogenic effect.

what is more alarming is that a recent study showed that mothers suffering from the flu in early pregnancy may damage the fetal brain, increasing the risk of children suffering from schizophrenia in the future. the researchers sampled 64 families studied and found that if pregnant women during the first trimester of pregnancy flu, adult offspring born children suffering from severe mental disorders increased sevenfold possibilities than other children.