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44 -year-old beauty yufei shwemawa time older women maintenance tips  2017-11-15 03:10


yufei everyone should be acquainted with her in this play vincent chiao version of the romantic swordsman, gentle purple dress of yufei remarkable elegance, giving a feeling of tenderness madding crowd.

as the years passed, the major childhood actress has begun to show the appearance of old, and had a fourth decade yufei but opposite direction, all the more with the intellectual beauty, regardless or body skin care is all there is good, do not see is ben 5 people. and unmarried, she also said he is very happy life.

care cheats

have been praised yufei good skin care course, has her own set, she said, "i usually live very simple to maintain peace of mind. i will do some sports, tennis, swimming and the like, but not that interested in going to the gym. i am very focused on sleep, sleep at least eighty-nine hours every day, although sometimes stay up all night filming is inevitable, but i will try to make sense to come back. i do not socialize, finished filming back to the hotel, i'll read a book retired and sit. "

swimming shaped body

in the beauty industry, there is a saying: let gravity aging woman. often soaked in water, is a good way to fight against gravity. if you want to do some exercise, swimming is undoubtedly the best choice in the water inside. swim workout, body shaping, weight loss, is the most appropriate exercise to lose weight women. meanwhile, swimming is a cyclical movement of the water and fetching water are alternating tension and relaxation, prolonged exercise causes the skin to become resilient. because of this, female swimmers tend to have full and strong chest, resilient limb muscles, body symmetry and very curvy.

1. large energy consumption of swimming

this is because the water resistance when swimming is much greater than air resistance movement on land, in water walking around all effort, then swim swim, definitely consume more calories. meanwhile, the thermal conductivity of water 24 times greater than air, the water temperature is generally lower than the temperature, which will also help heat and heat consumption. therefore, the energy consumption of swimming than running a large number of projects and other land, so weight loss becomes more apparent.

2. lower limbs and waist movement to avoid injury

during exercise on land, because obese body weight, causing a body (especially the lower limbs and waist) to bear a lot of gravity load, so that reduced exercise capacity, fatigue, weight loss exercise so greatly reduced interest can damage the lower limb joints and bones. while swimming in the water, the weight of obese people have a considerable portion of the buoyancy of the water bear, leg and waist will be much easier and therefore, the risk of damage to joints and bones is greatly reduced. when

3. can enjoy the natural massage

swimming, water buoyancy, resistance and pressure on the human body is an excellent massage on the skin can also play the role of beauty .

4. fat or thin safe

for those who swim thin but let weight gain, which is due to swim for muscle exercise, obesity is excess fat consumption swim health effects blessed.