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men care work is preferably carried out at night  2017-11-15 02:10


everyone wants to keep the skin clean and fresh every day, male friends are no exception, and many male friends are very concerned about their skin problems. 39 health network reminder, work stress and environmental pollution is the main cause of skin into the fatigue of male friends to pay attention, care work best choice in the evening, so not only can eliminate the day's fatigue, and sleep when can improve skin absorption, following xiaobian take everyone together to learn about.

method one: deep cleansing

after a day's tired of, coupled with the invasion of harmful substances in the air, our skin has become exhausted. therefore, the first step is skin care at night deep clean the skin. rub the cleanser in the hands of a rich foam after face, and gently massage to help promote skin circulation, wash skin impurities, restore health and vitality.

method two: effective water

in the nighttime whiten skin care products that help give the skin to add large amounts of water, and long-lasting moisturizing, deep moisturizing the skin. skin to get a lasting moisture qin yang, after a night moisture will become smooth and soft.

method three: strengthening massage

hard, muscle tension also eased the good, and let the muscles relax, muscle and skin are a great enjoyment. you can use massage oil or baby oil containing moisturizing ingredients applied to the body, slowly massage muscle stiffness or soreness of the site easily, until liquid is absorbed by the skin care

four: diet

at night, do not drink and smoke, eat spicy food, and eat some light food, especially vegetables and fruits. because fruits and vegetables that contain a wealth of vitamins and minerals to help care nursed back to health from the inside out skin. and bedtime should drink some water to prevent the situation the next morning edema of skin.

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