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reasonable diet conditioning to improve sperm quality  2017-11-15 01:10


in daily life, male friends in the face of work and family pressures are larger than females, with the usual diet do not pay attention, it is easy to cause health problems, and even affect sperm quality. so 39 health network reminder unmarried childless male friends, some time ago to the baby to learn to appropriate decompression, and reasonable arrangements for the daily diet.

men should use diet to improve sperm quality, we must first understand the relevant nutrients semen: semen main ingredients are high quality protein, arginine, vitamins, trace elements. so tune up the sperm to turn and tonic.

experts point out that low sperm quality is one of the main reasons for male infertility, but this situation some permanent, some are temporary. causes a temporary sperm quality is not high for many reasons, including sexually transmitted diseases, alcoholism, smoking, work overload, high temperature environment, tight underwear, insomnia, work and emotional stress. patients can improve sperm quality through a healthy diet conditioning.

1, eat more foods rich in quality protein and arginine:

high-quality protein is the main raw material form of semen. food with high protein lean meat, pig spinal cord, dog, beef and mutton, poultry, eggs, fish, soy products, arginine is essential ingredient to produce sperm that can occur in the absence azoospermia. arginine-containing foods are eel, black fish, sea cucumber, tendons, soy products, lean meat and so on.

2, add a variety of vitamins:

vitamin sperm promising to provide raw materials, promote sperm production, maintaining sexual organs from damage and so on.

vitamin e and most closely related to the reproductive system, preventing the sexual organs aging, empty insemination tubule regeneration, and to enhance sperm motility multiple roles. more food containing vitamin is destroyed during processing, it can serve its preparations, such as vitamin e capsules and the like. other vitamin-rich vegetables among the public.

3, increase the intake of various minerals especially trace elements:

human testis, prostate, seminal fluid itself contains a high concentration of zinc, zinc-term intake, will result in scarcity of sperm and testicular atrophy. high zinc in shellfish-based foods, such as oysters zinc up to, you can eat.

4, an appropriate increase in sex hormone-rich foods:

as yang shen, kidney, dog testicles, bull, chicken liver intake, can promote spermatogonial cell division and mature on spermatogenesis is very good.

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