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what men need anti-aging elements  2017-11-15 00:10


for men friends, a modest hint of dark skin and fine lines, sometimes a source of fascination lies; compared to soft skin, tonic bring the greatest benefit men, still exudes youthful energy from the inside out . with age, the years always easy in our faces carved marks, skin problems and more obvious, wrinkles, dryness and other anti-aging is very important at this time, so men should be how to prevent skin aging it? together look at it!

men want to aging, to maintain youthful vigor mainly need to add the three major nutrients:

1. zinc

zinc is human growth and development, reproductive genetics, important physiological process of immune, endocrine and other essential materials, while reducing the total body zinc may cause immune tissue damage, immune dysfunction. men's prostate glands memory in a very high concentration of zinc concentrate. on average, women account for only zinc intake recommended daily amount of 70%, while men are 90%. when zinc deficiency affected the pituitary gland, or even early senile dementia. therefore, to maintain male vitality and maintain energy and maintain the immune system, reproductive function properly, add more zinc is very important.

2. vitamin b group

vitamin b6, vitamin b12, vitamin b group not involved in the body's metabolism to provide energy, protect nerve cells, for stability and nerves, relieve anxiety there help. in particular, the modern male heavy work pressure, nervous tension, b group can help restore physical strength, relieve fatigue. there are a lot of men will find that once a certain stage more tired, or eat spicy food more flavors, it is easy to mouth ulcers, which is a symptom of a lack of vitamin b in the body. in addition, b group as well as the prevention of pressure pattern baldness and gray hair, reduce excessive secretion of sebum effect.

3. collagen

moderate collagen, in addition to maintaining tight skin moist, but also maintain the normal functioning of body organs, protecting internal organs collision attacks. when collagen molecules are mostly direct wipe on the skin, then the absorption is limited, can not really play a complementary role in dermal collagen. however, the use of diet the way, collagen can be absorbed directly through the stomach, transported throughout the body to help the body to increase skin elasticity, moist and full.

men addition to the need to maintain a healthy and younger than the three major nutrients outside, you can pay attention to other aspects of life. for example, often walking outdoors, the sun more men like him vitamin c and natural antioxidants (such as grape seed, figs and other foods); and workplace exposure to radiation much more lycopene supplement (stir-fried tomato highest content).

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