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how to identify the baby crying is hungry or sick  2017-11-14 23:10


(1) physiological crying:

"cry" is a child an instinctive reaction, a normal child crying loud and clear, strong, uniform, ease, there are certain rules:

baby is hungry, there may be crying of hunger, fingers touching the mouth, children will be turned to find the nipple, after feeding stopped crying, after nursed him, be satisfied to sleep.

irregular crying baby, cry big, suddenly, a careful examination no pathology may be considered improper feeding, supine discomfort, wet diapers, hip and buttocks red skin erosion, insect bites, or to exacerbate bowel stool, etc., in which case carefully to find a cause, you can stop crying after clear, quiet sleep.

(2) pathological crying:

children due to disease can result in discomfort or pain caused by pathological crying crying call.

central nervous system infection. intracranial hemorrhage and other diseases crying, high pitched, urgent cry was cerebral screaming, accompanied by fever, headache, vomiting, should ask the doctor immediately for further treatment.

abdomen, intestine nested crying for the array occurred, howling disturbed face was pale, sweating.

intestinal cramps, abdominal pain, weak cry, and disappeared the display, and paroxysmal increase, more than a cold or throat infection stimulus incentives.

children more than night crying, irritability, easily frightened, sweating can occur in rickets or hypocalcemia of hand-foot-twitch drowning.

nutritional diseases, malnutrition, children crying, crying, weakness, irritability, weight loss, physical weakness. crying

fever caused by children irritability, red in the face, head or hand touch the children who have hot feeling.

some infectious diseases, such as otitis media, skin necrosis, skin infections, abnormal children trouble, law, change the sound, if sometimes the cause could be as soon as possible to the hospital for treatment.

in short, there is a reason the baby crying, crying to promptly remove the cause of the reasons. if the cause once removed, stop crying, the baby quiet. if you are still crying, crying can not find the reason, should go to hospital for the doctor to check. crying complex causes, each child crying for different reasons, should be carefully analyzed according to each child's situation.