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13 million passengers a year to do abortion woman can withstand up to several miscarriages  2017-11-14 22:10


data: china 13 million people do every year students are the main abortion

according to media reports, a group of data from the national institute of population and family planning commission of science and technology published in 2013 showed that china's annual abortion up to 13 million people, ranking first in the world, the total number of abortions in our country every year, women accounted for about 25 years less than half. students abortion even become a "major force" increased younger age groups.

multiple flow or cause infertility

abortion a woman's body will be a lot of damage. multiple surgeries can damage the endometrium, cervical and uterine adhesions partially, if cervical adhesions, make it difficult menstrual blood discharged from the uterine cavity, causing abdominal pain menstrual cramps.

1. infertility

abortion using vacuum aspiration to suck out the embryonic tissue, termination of pregnancy, although it is a common surgery, but may be in the postoperative short and long term lead to abortion complications or sequelae, such as endometriosis, irregular menstruation or amenorrhea. therefore, some women after abortion menstrual disorders or amenorrhea occurs, resulting in infertility.

small amount of menstrual bleeding after abortion 2.

multiple surgeries can damage the endometrium, cervical and uterine adhesions partially. adhesions can cause the small size decrease menstrual blood, a large area may cause amenorrhea. if cervical adhesions, will make it difficult menstrual blood discharged from the uterine cavity, causing abdominal pain during menstruation.

3. breast lumps

since the abrupt termination of pregnancy, the body's hormone levels will suddenly drop. this will make the development of the mammary gland just suddenly stops growing, resulting in breast lumps or pain. if breast pain is caused by abortion sequelae, will stimulate the breasts for a long time, causing hyperplasia or lumps.

woman can withstand up to several miscarriages

abortion will cause irreparable harm to the female body, many times more likely to cause lifelong infertility, abortion, so female friends must be cautious.

1. abortion: no more than 3 times

the bottom line frequency: many female friend to abortion as to solve their own "trouble" the last straw, that it is no pain, no the best way to break the needs, so, again and again and again to use. quick to correct your perception of it, though, that little tablet is not much weight, but it hurt your body, still exists. pregnancy two years ago, up to not more than three times.

the number of alerts: although the tablet is small, you can not take it more than 3 times.

for the crowd: 18-40 years of age, pregnant within 39-49 days of the past three months the normal menstrual cycle steroid medication is not used.

is not suitable for the crowd: if you have adrenal disease, diabetes, endocrine disorders, heart disease, asthma, glaucoma, high blood pressure, liver dysfunction and other diseases, you have to give up that little swallow pills. if you band pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, uterine fibroids you grow, you are suffering from breast cancer, ovarian cancer, you have to abandon the sinking tablets.

2. suction curettage: no more than two times

the bottom line number: such surgery in the operation, it may be due to the suction pipe is rotated too fast, too frequent, the negative pressure caused by excessive harm to your body. experts suggest that if you look forward to nurture a healthy baby, and maintain maximum health of the body, so you do not sterile before baseline number of such abortions are twice! this is the second necessary condition is that your physical health for such surgery, and the interval between two times for at least 1 year.

the number of alerts: if you have done such a miscarriage more than three times, you need to consider the issue of pregnancy, because the probability of spontaneous abortion have been significantly increased.

for the crowd: within 10 weeks of pregnancy to terminate the pregnancy. due to a variety of chronic diseases is not suitable to continue the pregnancy.

is not suitable for the crowd: reproductive inflammation detour. if your genital acute inflammation, severe cervical erosion or purulent vaginal secretions obvious, is not suitable for use in this way. hyperthermia to call a halt. preoperative, you can demand every four hours once the temperature, if the temperature is displayed twice in 37.5 degrees celsius, fast and doctors communicate about it, you do not fit with suction curettage.

3. curretage: 1 more than enough of

the bottom line number: postoperative complications curretage very much damage to the uterus is great. now many hospitals have been replaced by abortion or continue the pregnancy to the mid-term induction of labor after four months instead of curettage. curretage if you are a few years ago, then please go to the hospital before pregnancy check the health of your womb, the doctor explain your specific operation time and operating conditions, all unharmed, only do mothers feel at ease.

the number of alerts: you can not ignore it for damage to the uterus, such operations try not to do! have counted more than once. otherwise, your uterus will really hurt you fiercely.

for the crowd: 11-14 weeks of pregnancy to terminate pregnancy; pregnancy within 14 weeks due to a variety of diseases should not continue the pregnancy.

is not suitable for the crowd: basically the suction curettage is not suitable for people is the same.

39 childcare remind young girls, abortion is a remedy, the various advertising claims painless abortion doula, are misleading. in fact, no matter what kind of pregnancy termination methods, are likely to cause some complications. if, if pregnant, do abortion, must be to the regular hospital doctor, not be able to flow as a trifling matter. the best place style, is the best contraceptive measures.