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winter baby eczema predilection food supplement with stress  2017-11-14 20:10


why multiple winter eczema

first, infants before their first birthday, the main food is breast milk or formula, but because of the digestive system development is not complete, can not be completely decomposed breast milk or formula the protein, the protein can not be converted to the amino acids the body needs, and thus will have a molecular weight peptides, causing the baby allergies. therefore, some of the institutional weak, poor digestive system of the baby, especially vulnerable to allergies and eczema.

secondly, now increasingly serious environmental pollution, environment, dust, mites, formaldehyde, fungi belong to the foreign protein, the baby will have some stimulation, will increase the risk of eczema. winter weather is cold, indoor and outdoor temperature difference, so when the flu strikes, baby susceptible to some viral bacterial infections, which induce or aggravate eczema.

once again, the skin is the body's first barrier, with dry winter weather, and the infant's skin is not fully developed, less sebum secretion, thus protecting the relatively weak effect on the skin. resistance is also likely to suffer from poor baby eczema. also, give the baby a bath too often, or using strong cleaning power of bath products, but also make your baby's skin dry, increasing the chances of suffering from eczema.

what are the symptoms of eczema

eczema is complicated by a variety of internal and external factors caused by a pleomorphic lesions and easy exudation tendency of skin inflammatory response . eczema often the disease easily repeated, can be persistent unhealed for many years. is a high risk of infant eczema, which will have different types of symptoms.

eczema is a traditional chinese medicine called milk ringworm. the second occurred more than three months after birth, occur in the skin folds and facial, but also can affect the whole body. generally increases as the baby months gradually reduced until cured, there are a few children continued development of childhood and even in adulthood.

eczema into exudative and dry type, the symptoms are different.

exudative eczema: relatively high incidence of obesity in infants, eczema cheeks starting from, erythema, papules, qiu herpes, children feel itching, scratching can be caused due to how the amount of infiltration red erosion surface liquid. in severe cases, can affect the entire face or body. secondary infection of the baby will appear pustules, local lymph nodes and fever.

drying eczema: a high incidence in relatively thin baby. eyebrows, scalp and other parts of the more common, children with flushing, scaling, pimples, but no exudate. may have mild infiltration hypertrophy develop chronic eczema, too, there may be scratches, chapped or blood knot scab. children usually caused by intense itching and crying and sleep disturbances.

how to prevent infant eczema add complementary

want to prevent eczema on the cause of eczema should be clear, if it is because the cause of the weather, environmental factors, it is to avoid hot and cold stimulation, try to let your baby in a temperature and humidity suitable space, attention to ventilation. if the eczema because dietary factors, the need to find allergens. if you are allergic to protein, can give your baby fed special milk allergy.

for the baby is concerned, generally six months after the start complementary feeding, so this time the baby is prone to allergies due to food-induced. therefore, when the baby to add a food supplement, it is best to slowly add, add only twelve kinds, so if allergic, but also relatively easy to determine what kind of food-induced allergic. for example, in baby food supplement in common, the egg yolk is not easy to cause allergies, and egg whites, by contrast, others such as potatoes, rice, dried meat floss are not easily cause allergic food supplement, but like fish, shrimp and other sea easily lead to allergies product eat sparingly.

tips: for already suffering from eczema baby is concerned, parents must watch over the baby, avoid the wound with the clutch, this may lead to wound infection or irritation, which is repeated illness.