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the weather is hot sperm quality deteriorates  2017-7-17 22:10


seasonal and human health have a great relationship, but many people do not know, male fertility, semen quality is also affected by the season.

us medical researchers have discovered through clinical studies, the proportion of immature sperm are higher in summer than any other season, it has a certain relationship with the hot days. because the testes very sensitive to temperature, when the temperature rises, spermatogenesis will be significantly decreased. the researchers also found that the sperm head abnormalities mostly seen in the fall, this may be due to the hot summer months, the temperature of the scrotum suffered high produce abnormal sperm, to fall, which is released from the sperm out of semen caused. spring and winter is easy to make man's sperm tail defects, including defects in the sperm tail spring is the season of the highest frequency. tail defect sperm motility is poor, it is difficult to swim to the fallopian tubes, with the egg. thus, in the spring of rebirth is not easy pregnancy. the sperm count is highest in winter and spring, the strongest activity in autumn and winter.

according to the above study, british scientists suggested that the best choice for the summer male infertility treatment. during this period, immature sperm in the semen most mature sperm period is three months, after a summer of treatment, until the fall of sperm motility and quantity at a relatively high level, then re pregnant, the probability naturally relatively high.

of course, many factors affect semen quality are numerous, such as reproductive tract infections, varicocele, smoking, drinking, pollution, heat, radiation, etc., not only is the season of the decision. so it should be fully taken into account, excluding the negative impact, to maintain a healthy confident attitude, i believe that no matter what the season, can nurture a healthy baby.