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dutch students admitted to a nursing home  2017-7-17 21:10


like other european countries, the netherlands, the elderly seemingly quiet life, but often feel lonely. on the other hand, the netherlands universities dormitory housing in short supply, many students suffer from not rent a house. thus, the eastern dutch city of deventer think of a best of both worlds --- so that students admitted to nursing homes.

statistics show that the netherlands is currently 65 years of age or older has more than 200 million people, accounting for 12% of the total population, by 2050, the elderly will account for 26% of the population. among them, many elderly people in nursing homes in select pension. although the retirement home for old people with a complete medical facilities and attentive service life, but old people always feel living bored, leading to depression. at the end of last year, 160 elderly people living in nursing homes deventer city humanitas another way, the excess hospital room free "rent" to six students, and allow them to ensure a minimum of 30 hours a month to accompany the elderly.

the past six months, college students worked out a watch list, make full use of their spare time, turn to the old people to cook, organize gatherings, but also teach them young people like graffiti. a nursing home staff, told reporters: "in order to prevent old people isolated, so (and college students exchange) activities are important when senior citizens with illness and doctors can not do anything, the college student can bring old people. happy, let them temporarily forget the pain. "

20-year-old university student in lean is a nursing home," tenant ", he and 92-year-old yue hana neighbors. when the school, he would find 约哈纳 chat, to accompany him to the park for a walk, go to the supermarket shopping, reading newspapers.约哈纳 said he was satisfied, though they age difference, but he felt very patient in lynn for such an arrangement.

some parents of college students said the children since moved to a nursing home after living and become more mature, more sense of responsibility. dutch sociologist believes that this "young and old live" mode only solve the practical difficulties of the elderly and college students, but also for the country to save a lot of elderly care spending.

it is reported that the netherlands "everyone living" model has attracted a nursing home manager from germany, britain and other countries to visit in the future, these countries will also add new life of the elderly content.