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10 secrets about the men like to watch beauty is born  2017-7-17 20:10


1. feeling richer. the reason men are found to be less emotional, because men from childhood to "man" itself, thus hiding the emotion.

2. more afraid of being alone. lonely, fewer men than women seek help, thereby increasing loneliness and brain damage.

3. more emphasis on problem-solving. when people have problems, men will express sympathy, but not as simply knowing sympathy like women, because the male brain there is a "quick fix" region, which will be immediately active, actively seeking ways to solve this problem.

4. natural beauty to watch. male testosterone levels six times higher than women, suggesting that men like to watch beautiful women seems to be a "natural response." but once the beauty out of the field of vision, a man who will usually forgotten.

5. the possessive. possession of the site is man's nature. once love life or "territory" is threatened, men are more likely to resort to violence.

6. bossy. in general, men from the beginning of the age of six exercises "pecking order" (platoon leader david pecking order), and in turn give orders. furthermore, men think, "attack" than the "escape" a hundred times stronger, it will be long occupied the sender's location.

7. mature man attention to cooperation. young men need to get through the competitive position and spouses are more mature emphasize intimacy and cooperation.

8. when preparing a father, a man most fit. man doing a few months before his father's sense of cooperation to achieve the best state. fathers will experience hormonal changes, and thus acts as a father to do to prepare.

9. father is the best playmate. father with children playing together, help children learn better, enhance self-confidence. in addition, the father and the children have more contact with children will also greatly reduce the risk of sexual activity.

10. men have "mad marriage" mentality. the study found that married men liucheng urgent desire, especially after 30 years, will mainly focus on the family.