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pk tall stature shorter children star sexy in the end  2017-6-19 22:10


watching someone else's high altitude, big legs, little children and instantly thought only envy jealous hate. in fact, the high is not necessarily sexy, "dwarf" is not necessarily "setback", a look at the following actress, who is short, but has a good figure, the same sexy!

1. jolin

height: 156cm

weight: 41kg

thin legs thin arm face, the spitting image of a delicate jolin " dancer. " looking at her hot body in sexy twist dance, people tend to ignore her height less than 160.

2. cyndi

height: 158cm

weight: 41kg

"sweetheart leader" cyndi has been transformed into a sexy goddess, electric hip sexy dance absolutely overwhelmed! . cyndi love skirts, looked under her skirt legs, fans heart was completely captured. and cyndi said that their legs are hard-won, "the biggest lesson i have at home, that is, every day practicing leg movement does not have to go out, you can do at home, leg lift 50 times a day, lift right leg, left leg finish, guaranteed smooth lines and a pair of legs. "

height:. 157cm

weight: 43kg

penny height for all to see, but people with small v face, thin build, 38 years old, has long been a married woman, still looks so beautiful!

4. pu baoying

height: 158cm

weight: 41kg

"national sister" pu baoying that round little face and her that "doll-like figure," take up, delicate and lovely, adorable. imagine, with pu baoying height, weight to the 50+ is absolutely appalling. therefore, maintaining the body is made up of tall, saving face ah.

5. shk

height: 161cm

weight: 45kg

shk but had his shorty wept too, but people has thin legs thin arm and a pair of "good chest". her body is absolutely guaranteed, she was known as "the actress has the best looking chest." presumably they definitely make up for her height!

6. small s

height: 158cm

weight: 44kg

s stature as small as her stage name was "s "nearly 40 years, gave birth to several baby, she is also a small s aliasing before, but people still quickly recovered, but more and more sexy! indeed, small series that small s is not a great beauty, but her good figure gave her good qualities, looking to the beautiful.

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